True to my word

Remember when I said I was going to blog about my daughter’s hair? It’s too irresistible to me as a subject.  To be fair, I included a picture of my hair, in all its scraggly glory. Ha! Remember the days– long before procreation– when I couldn’t understand how moms “let themselves go.”  Seriously, I wondered, how do you NOT have time to take a shower?

Karma’s a b*tch.  Now, I know.

So I am content to put all of my hair dreams on my daughter, who was blessed with tresses that are full and curly in a way that all the hot rollers in the world would not make my hair.  I have hair that is euphemistically called “extra fine,” which means limp and somewhat flat.  It’s the reason why I will never move to a humid climate.  It’s a really good policy to let your hair dictate your geography.

Jeff and I have somewhat different philosophies about how to keep Sadie’s hair out of her eyes.  In the second picture above, you can see that Sadie is wearing a white hair tie.  That’s Jeff’s handiwork.  Wanna know what that tie is? It’s a baby wipe.  Like the kind of wipe you use to wipe the fecal matter off of your baby’s tender booty.  Jeff dried a wipe and constructed a hair tie that Sadie wore all day long. Ingenuity: A+.  Glamor factor: C.

I prefer the more traditional headbands with little bows on them or a semi-successful pony tail.  I wasn’t a girl scout; I don’t see the world as an opportunity to create items I need from raw materials.  Silly me, when I see a wipe I don’t think of getting it into Sadie’s hair.

I do, however, have a new criteria for picking a preschool, assuming that we get into more than one.  I am going to need the records on lice for the past 10 years, because if my darling comes home with an outbreak, it won’t be pretty.  I don’t know how lice works, but assuming the more hair you have the more lice you have, we are screwed.

Here’s me: staying in the moment and enjoying the day (and worrying about a prospective lice outbreak some time in the distant future).


2 thoughts on “True to my word

  1. Since I live in fear of lice, I have discovered a product that you need to know about: Fairy Tales . . . Is is shampoo, conditioner, and a conditioning spray that you can use to wet those beautiful curls for easier styling. It is all natural. Rosemary is a key ingredient. So far, so good. . . There have been multiple lice outbreaks in my daughter’s class and (knock on wood) we have remained lice free. Good luck!!!

  2. I feel her pain of unmanagable curly hair. Nick’s daughter, Caleigh, has crazy curly hair too. I slap a lil bit of mouse in there while it is wet and let it air dry or dry with a diffuser for her. But seeing as Sadie is 2 (right?) I bet air drying will work better. Caleigh loves it and asks everyone… “see my curlies?”

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