Ode To My Hot Saturday Night

It’s Saturday night.  It’s 11:06 p.m.  My whole house is asleep.  Thanks to a life-altering 2-hour nap this afternoon, I am still wide-awake.  I have my students’ legal writing papers in front of me.  I haven’t touched them.  If only the papers were on Pinterest or Facebook, they might get my attention.  On the weeks when I have papers to grade, I walk around feeling the quiet hum of pressure and dread of the deadline that looms.  It feels just like being a student knowing that my report on the GNP of Thailand is due at the end of the month, but I am too busy reading Judy Blume novels to care.

And just because I may not technically care, it doesn’t mean I can forget.  To keep the pressure more acute, I have been carrying the stack of papers in my purse all week, which means now I have a sore shoulder and 90% of the papers still ungraded.

You tell me: Would you rather pin delicious recipes you will NEVER cook on your Pinterest board or edit the following sentence for one of your “scholars”:

“The court found that because the joke was given as a party of a comedic performance, the defendant was not a wine critic, the joke was posited around a hypothetical wine, and that the negative attributes given to the wine were too unbelievable to be taken seriously; no reasonable audience member could have interpreted the joke to communicate actual facts and thus it was not defamatory.”


Of course you have now fallen asleep and are no longer reading this blog, but when you come to and you realize that you will never get back those 20 seconds of time you spent trying to get through that sentence when you could have been checking your ex-boyfriend’s Facebook status….then, and only then, will you know my pain.

This blog post has been brought to you by the makers of Insomnia NO MORE– how student legal writing briefs can cure the most intractable insomnia.



One thought on “Ode To My Hot Saturday Night

  1. This is exactly how feel! You read my mind! Only thing is I’m the student and not the teacher. hehe. I’m so obsessed with blogging, tweeting, facebooking etc. I have lectures, reading, and other assignments due. Ahh. Gotta get focused. I can’t afford to fail. Gotta go now! Check ya later!

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