Tina Fey Cancels SNL Appearance….

Because both of her daughters were sick.  This is the public reason that Fey gave for missing the appearance that she would have made during Lindsay Lohan’s monologue.

Do you know how amazing and comforting I think it is that the public reason is that her kids were sick? She wasn’t afraid that she would be discounted or penalized in the future for giving such a MOTHERLY reason to miss work.

When I was working in the law firm world, I felt tremendous pressure to prove that being a mother would never, ever impact my work.  No one ever told me to do that, but I have heard other women echo the idea that missing work or opportunities because of motherhood seemed like it would weaken our reputation or dilute our power in some way. 

Tina Fey ain’t worried about that.  She’s arrived. She’s at the top of the comedy game.  The proof? She missed work to care for her sick children and wasn’t afraid to tell the whole damn world about it.  It doesn’t make her any less funny or any less brilliant.  And, if she had gone to work that would have been fine too, because I am sure that Mr. Tina Fey and the help they can no doubt afford would take excellent care of Penelope and Alice.  I am not saying she’s better for staying home; I am saying the world is a better place because she said she stayed home to take care of her children.  Now, if I ever get a full-time job and one of my children gets sick and I choose to be with him or her, I will think of Tina Fey, pretend I am as successful and secure as she is, and I will tell the truth.

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One thought on “Tina Fey Cancels SNL Appearance….

  1. I’m so glad you commented on my blog so I could return the favor! You are hilarious and smart! Two things I love. And this, this is so true: “I am saying the world is a better place because she said she stayed home to take care of her children” It’s because she said it! I’m a nanny, so I’m the last woman to judge a mother for paying someone qualified to take care of her kids, even if they’re sick. But I love that she didn’t list “personal reasons” or a “family emergency” or whatever. She’s just hey, my kids and I? We’d rather be together than apart today. Also, I would not have known about this had I not read it here. So, thanks. And happy belated Leap Day.

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