Books On The Bedside

Is it normal or healthy to have 14 books on one’s bedside table just beckoning to be part of the list of 50 books I read this year?

Late at night they taunt me–“you’re never gonna get to me,” sneers The Hunger Games; “you couldn’t begin to take in all my richness,” declares Reading Lolita in Tehran.

To which I reply, “shut up or I am ordering a Kindle and you can all go suck it at the Salvation Army.”.


5 thoughts on “Books On The Bedside

  1. I think I see Ann Patchett poking out there . . . ooh, read her before you send her off to the Salvataion Army. And I am just laughing . . .do you remember my JDate who referred to me as, inter alia, a “spinster” due to the pile of books in my bedroom? So grateful we are both a million miles from that-yeesh! The iPad does allow me to hide my book shame now . . . . .

    Loving your blog! Much love, Rena

  2. OMG, I remember that! I remember laughing at that comment, though I can’t remember who said it. Someone we both dated!! 😉 I am sure you have read Year of Wonder, right? So good. This blog is cutting into my reading time….Never had so many hobbies before. So good to see you!!! Hope the power is working so you can crank out your brief.

  3. Stephanie, it sure is! I devoured that sucker. I almost missed my train stop b/c I was so engrossed towards the end! I am waiting for the time to give it a proper review on the blog. You should be so proud of yourself. What an amazing thing your book is!

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