Touchdown: Texas

Outlaw Mama is spending some time this week in the home of her youth. The visit will be just long enough to saturate me in all things Lone Star, which hopefully will be potent enough to erase the memory of the flight down here. When a Midway Airport security personnel member yelled at me for trying to take my stroller on the people walker 15 minutes into our long journey, I should have known that would not be our last encounter with hostility as we noisily and messily made our way from Chicago.

Luckily for us, the first leg of our flight was populated by young people headed to New Orleans for some binge drinking and casual college sex. A screaming baby and unapologetic breastfeeding does not phase Hurricane-drinking travelers.

It may be just me, but middle-aged men wearing Lulu Lemon hoodies are generally less enthused to sit near 2 toddlers. Admittedly, my sample size includes only 1.

But here we are, ready to introduce the kids to Texas’ considerable charms. Simon is adapting quicker than I expected.


3 thoughts on “Touchdown: Texas

    • I love the bluebonnets! I am from Dallas and tomorrow we are going to visit Ellis County where my dad grew up. I know Llano. Went to camp in the hill country. Thanks for the well wishes.

  1. Aw, so glad you get some time back in the home state. We just returned from Florida this evening and I can assure that flying with a 5 and (almost) 3 year old is 100x better than flying with an “under two” year old and his or her sibling. Have some frito pie and guacamole for me!

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