If You Ask A Toddler To Share Her Lipstick

You better be braced for battle. Of all the things Sadie and her cousins (Patrick (4) and Thomas (2.5)) have had to negotiate this week, the most drama and angst arose when they were asked to share a 4-pack of lip balm. There were 3 kids and 4 lip balms. It should have been so easy.

If any of the three left their balm unattended, one of the other two (99% of the time it was Sadie) would swipe it and stake a claim. Staking a claim looks like twisting the tube all the way so all 4 inches of lip balm is exposed and then licking it profusely.

I wish I was kidding. This morning before 8 a.m. I had already discussed the merits of sharing with Sadie who kept finding herself besieged by her cousins because she was hogging the lipstick. I told her it wasn’t fair for her to have all 4 and leave her cousins bereft of grape lip balm. From her prostrate position on the living room floor, Sadie wailed that it WAS fair because she wanted them all. From the looks of it, it was physically painful for Sadie to share. It was definitely physically painful to listen to her process. Right now, she’s asleep curled up with her Teddy bear and double fisted lip balms (pink and orange), and I think the takeaway is that we need to buy lip balm at Costco because only a bulk supply will meet Sadie’s insatiable demand.


4 thoughts on “If You Ask A Toddler To Share Her Lipstick

  1. Bahahahaha! You’re posts are the best! My girls are 11 & 8 and I remember those days so well. Wait until hair “thingys” come in high demand.

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