Into The Ether


All day long I kept thinking of this excellent captivating idea for a post that would educate, dazzle and touch every single one of you.  I thought about it during my doctor’s appointment, when I was with the kids at the park, and later still when I was sweeping Simon’s dinner off the floor. It was getting more clever and juicy and valuable as the day wore on.  I remember distinctly watching Sadie go down the slide this evening and thinking “Oh, maybe the title could be ‘Barf Bag Not Included.'”

What does it mean that I have no idea on Earth what I was going to say?  What did it have to do with a barf bag? 

I tried to Google on a stream of consciousness basis (I highly recommend this when you are bored and have Internet access) to see if I could jar the memory out of the sticky resin of my gray matter.


I am not sure how that is even medically possible, but I can’t even remember the theme of what the post was going to be.

But, the good news is that my highly scientific Google search brought me in touch with some valuable information that I think will be useful and edifying for ya’ll.

Did you know that there are three major celebrities that have died on the toilet? Can you guess who they were?


Judy Garland

Lenny Bruce

According to a website published by people who track these sorts of things, it is only confirmed that these three died in the bathroom.  Records are unclear as to whether they were actually on the throne upon their passage to the Great Beyond.

More relevant to Outlaw Mama was her doctor’s opinion that Outlaw Mama is unlikely to die on the toilet any time soon.

So, we all have that going for us.




5 thoughts on “Into The Ether

  1. This seriously happens to me All. The. Time. I’ve started using the little recorder on my iphone to record quick notes about what I want to write. Or even to dictate entire sentences if they’re really good. Because there’s nothing more frustrating that getting that perfect sentence and then sitting down to write it a few hours later and completely failing to replicate it. Grrrr.

  2. Oh, I hear you. I have a little notebook in every bag to record those occasional moments of brilliance (or at least clarity), but more often than not I forget what I wanted to write before I uncap the pen or I write something down that means precisely nothing to me once I reread it later. Glad to know I’m not alone in this particular form of writer’s block.

  3. WTF this happens to me too! Sara and Kristen’s suggestions above don’t help me. I have literally called myself, left a voicemail where I can barely contain my own laughter and later have no idea what “talk about the writing thing, and then the sleep thing when the doctor walked in and boy made the comment about peeing in the bushes and end with ‘who invited Dr Oz and James Frey to dinner?'”

    Even with all my notes I am still often left with a “what was I going to write about here?”

    Do you think if it came back it would still be as good?

    • My hope is that it comes back better. Like Hemingway’s lost manuscripts that later became all of his canonical works. I also lost my grad school thesis because I didn’t understand “back up” procedures. That sucked so badly. But I rewrote it and stayed out of prison so I guess it worked out ok. Still hate it though.

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