Spring Swinging

I will report that I did clean out my closet and I am walking taller and feeling more refreshed than ever.  The refreshed part could be the 2.25 hour nap I took this afternoon and the walking taller could be my new platform sandals, but let’s not scoff at all the progress I have made.  I am uncharacteristically quiet and contemplative tonight.  Everyone is asleep so I am taking these few moments to stoke a little gratitude fire in my soul. Here’s my gratitude list for today:

My health and the health of my family


A safe and happy home

My friends who lend me fabulous books and their fabulous ears/hearts/homes

Having more to think about than how much I ate (or didn’t eat) today

Living in the First World

Choices– all of ’em, big and small

Chances– all of ’em, big and small (like Scary Mommy choosing MY POST to publish on her site on May 8th!!! — that’s a big one. Take that, NYT!)

For Simon’s super irritating whiny phase wherein he requires me to hold his perfect chubbiness for hours on end

For Sadie’s wild spirit and desires for quicker-than-immediate gratification

That my cell phone runs out of batteries, which forces me to be present

For all the loves of my life, you know who you are and you better be reading and following this blog (because nothing says true love like “no strings attached”)

For these two little people who changed my whole world, may you always share giggles, private glances, and inside jokes– even if they are at my expense.



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