Mommy’s Friend Peed In Sink

I think it was when Jeff asked why Sadie kept telling him that Mommy’s friend Jimmy peed in the sink I realized I may have made a small error in judgment.

Jimmy is a friend who admitted to peeing in the sink in his hilarious blog. (Check it out at I thought Jimmy’s latest blog entry was hilarious, as he mused about the 10 things he misses from being single.

So the other night I was telling my friend Joyce how raw and honest Jimmy was in writing this list. I mentioned that one of the aspects of his esteemed bachelorhood that Jimmy misses is peeing in the sink.

Right about then, Sadie interrupted asking me what we were talking about.

I had to pick THAT moment to suddenly (1) pay attention to Sadie and (2) give her a full explanation of what I was saying?


I looked straight into Sadie’s curious blue eyes and launched into an explanation about how Jimmy used to pee in the sink. (“Isn’t that funny, Sadie? We don’t pee in the sink, do we?”). I didn’t stop there, but I sort of assumed Sadie and heard enough, so I turned back to Joyce to describe Jimmy’s conversation with his fiancé, who (good-naturedly) inquired HOW Jimmy peed in the sink. Good question, right, because isn’t the sink higher than “his wiener”?

Turns out that when nature called, our Jimmy just stood on his “tip toes” and “ben[t] his wiener” over the sink.  Joyce and I laughed about this– admitting we too have several follow-up questions for Jimmy. (My inquiries generally begin with “Why?”)

Sadie, however, had no follow-up inquiries the other night. She went back to doing what she was doing (stealing lipstick out of my purse to smear all over her body) before learning about my friend Jimmy’s relieving himself in the same place he washes his hands.

Honestly, I forgot I told Sadie about it.

According to Jeff, Sadie mentioned it 3 times over their taco-dinner date last night.

Now I am torn between (1) pride that Sadie has such an intuitive grasp of what constitutes stimulating dinner conversation; and (2) shame that I have no clue, STILL, what details of life to share with Sadie and which ones to filter.

Any tips on this?


4 thoughts on “Mommy’s Friend Peed In Sink

  1. Give up the thought now. If you do, you still have a chance at retaining some sanity. If you persist, all hope is lost.

      • I think, in spite of all your hopes and expectations that you could be smart enough to control all this, you actually know better.

        All three of my kids survived, not just me, but their mother. You’ll do great, as you no doubt already are. Rock on!


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