Morning Run; Guest Blogging

Sweet, Sweet Milwaukee Avenue @ Augusta

Sweet, Sweet Milwaukee Avenue @ Augusta

I love my morning run down Milwaukee Avenue before the rush hour traffic starts.  Every Monday, I follow the same intensely urban route to (group) therapy.  It’s one of my favorite times of the week (the run, not therapy).  I love feeling myself grow stronger every week (at running, not at therapy)– back in December, I was exhausted by the time I reached Chicago Avenue; now, I feel like I could sprint to Chicago Avenue from my house.

I have never been a nature girl.  Nature does not “speak” to me– I have tried listening to little birds chirping and mossy trees swaying to find answers to soul-deep questions.  I get nothing. Nada.  Maybe I get an occasional mosquito bite or a chigger (if I am romping around in Texas), but I don’t hear the whispers of nature singing the wisdom of ages.

I respond to tangible signs.  For example, if a graduate program fails to avail itself of my matriculation, I assume it wasn’t meant to be.  If a boyfriend moves away and doesn’t give me forwarding information, I will assume he has yet to consider me his “soul mate.”  If I find there is a Furla purse on sale in the exact color in which I need it, I will assume that the universe condones my consumerism and blesses the purchase.

This morning, I was thinking some unsettling thoughts and feeling less-than-my-charitable self, and I was noticing myself getting more and more tight (in my heart) as I ran.

Then, dear Nature lovers, I got myself a big, fat, capital S sign from the universe, suggesting a direction I might want to go.

Let Thoreau and his followers have their whippoorwills and their prairie grass. I will take the pavement any day. Yes, I almost got run over by the Milwaukee bus (and did ingest a near-toxic level of exhaust) to get this shot of inspiration to share with you, but I got it. Because I am a giver.

Outlaw Mama's Nature

Outlaw Mama's Nature

Message received, Asphalt; message received.

PS: If you find that you simply cannot get enough of my sagacious posts, come visit me this week at Vie Hebdomadaires (Daily Life), a cool project that features a different blogger every week.  This week: Outlaw Mama.  Come check it out!


6 thoughts on “Morning Run; Guest Blogging

  1. Aww I love this post! I love the message – I love how you got there. I’m such a city dweller, not a nature girl (although Hawaii is the most amazing place on earth, besides Venice of course, or maybe it’s a tie). Sounds like this is exactly what you needed and you were open to it (I bet yesterday or another day you might have run right by). Awesome shot! Did you feel that tightening in your chest release immediately? My tightness usually focuses in my throat. Like choking. Awesome.

    • Hollis! I am following strong is the new skinny– do you know it? Love that you called. Come see me in Chicago and we’ll get you and your honey matching furlas, the only purse approved by crossfit!

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  3. Ah. I do my best thinking (and writing) while on foot . . . but I am more of a trail runner. Trail or asphalt, it’s all good and I enjoyed reading about your journey!

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