Sesame Street or Sexy Street?

Is it just me or in this video from 1975, are Sesame Street actors Maria and David about to “do it”?

I came across this video because I let Sadie watch the iPad all night long when Jeff is out of town, when Sadie played it a few times while I was putting Simon to bed.  I finally sat down to watch it with her and, by God, it’s steamy.  I swear the side-burned David is about to jump Maria’s bones.  But for that loveable, furry cock-blocker Grover, those two would have definitely had sex.


I know it was the 1970s, but WTF?


12 thoughts on “Sesame Street or Sexy Street?

  1. I didn’t think anything could make me laugh this morning after being awoken around 5 a.m. (I’m not sure exactly what time it was, I still couldn’t see or think.) And, I think this is the first time Grover was called out for being a cock blocker. Awesome.

  2. I can’t believe my son hasn’t found this one yet. We usually start on Tilly and the Wall’s version of ABCs (catchy ass tune and tell me Madonna didn’t totally rip it off in Gimmie All Your Love (or whatever that recent single was)). Then I, er, he gets hooked on OK GO’s Primary Colors. It’s fun (and freedom) for the whole family.

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