It’s All In The Eyes

Sadie: Mommy, yours are big.

Me: My what?

Sadie: Your nipples.

Me: Um. What?

Sadie: You have big nipples. They are similar to Hannah’s mommy’s.

Me: Where did you learn this? [I am impressed she knows the word “similar” but still wigging out a bit about why she’s comparing my nipples to Hannah’s mommy’s.  After all, mine are way better. Can’t she see that?].

Sadie: From S [the nanny].

Me: [rising panic]. Sadie, can you show me what you are saying.

Sadie:  Mommy, right here [grabbing my lower eyelid, which hurt, and scared me because have no idea where those hands have been].  Your big brown nipple. In your eye.

Me:  [laughing, relieved]. Pupil?  Are you talking about my big brown pupils? [Blushing– I do have stunning, expressive eyes. I am happy she noticed.]

Sadie:  Yes!  Your big brown nipple in your eye.

Me:  Why don’t you go talk to daddy.


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