Friday Fan Letter: In Person Edition (Scary Mommy, Jill Smokler)

This week’s Friday fan letter is debuting on Saturday owing to the fact that my family and I were in the nether regions of the suburbs last night (Naperville) for a book signing with Jill Smokler, the author and creator of the website, Scary Mommy. I would have posted last night, but there was the small matter of my two small children who were not as enamored with a 7PM book signing as I was.  Major props to Jeff who wrangled the children while I rubbed elbows with Mommy Blogger greatness.

Dear Scary Mommy, Jill Smoker,

I wasn’t sure I was going to like you. I had seen a lot of press about your website and then your book.  It was hilarious when you went on the Today Show and insinuated to Billy Ray Cyrus that Miley might need birth control.  That was pure comedy.  I really like your website, even though it sometimes overwhelms me with all the content. (Check out it out, if you are one of the four people who never have.)  I am more of a one blog, one post sort of reader.  I appreciate your voice and  your vision, and I definitely appreciate that you offer a counter-weight to the treacly, saccharine mothering voices that are out there.

When I “met” you last night at your reading, I really did like you.  You were smart and savvy and humble and down-to-earth.  I liked the chapter that you read us about how you don’t like other people’s children.  Even with all the mommy blogs out there that say all kinds of outrageous sh*t, I think it’s brave to admit what you admit.  And you did it first.  I like that you swear.   I appreciated the answers you gave to the questions I asked during the Q&A.  (I was the one who asked your advice to other, up-and-coming bloggers who wanted to do blogging “for a living.”)  I like that you gave me a real answer. (“Hard work.”)  I like that you suggested I tell the audience the name of my website. (I didn’t; I was too scared to self-promote.)

But you know why I decided to write you a fan letter? For one thing, I had the great picture from my iPhone of the event and I couldn’t bear to let that go to waste.  But, really, it was your post from May 1, 2012, wherein you posted about your fabulous trip to Disney with your family as part of the exclusive “Social Media Moms” event. I have seen posts from other bloggers about this “amazing” event and felt really pissed off (read jealous). Why do I want to log on to read endlessly about how faboosh Disney is from some asshole moms who have no idea how it feels for the rest of us left at home?

You get that.  I love that you get that.  Because you get that and wrote about it, I am a fan.  Forever.  You have a national book tour and your blog is quoted every damn place where the printed word appears.  And you still remember to say this:

“I know it’s hard to read about these things and not be a part of them. Trust me, I know. I almost want to tell you that it wasn’t all that great and you didn’t miss a thing… but I can’t. The whole experience was actually kind of (forgive me for going there) magical.” Jill Smokler, (5/1/2012 post).

I don’t need you to lie about your experiences, but it sure helped to get a nod to those of us who didn’t have such a magical week (see my upcoming post about sitting on frozen peas for  several hours after Sadie bit my ass).  I could have done without the description of the private party on the yacht, but why should you censor your experience for my sensitive little heart?

Candidly, I also love that you feature guest posts, and of course, I love that you accepted my submission and will post it next Tuesday, May 8.  I doubly love that you accepted a post from A Teachable Mom to run the following Tuesday.  You have good taste, Jill, and I am always a fan of that.

Good luck with the rest of your tour, and though I am relatively small-hearted, jealous and petty, I still wish you the best and thank you for blazing the trail ahead.

Book Signing

Jill Smokler Book Signing Event


4 thoughts on “Friday Fan Letter: In Person Edition (Scary Mommy, Jill Smokler)

  1. This is genius! Love this! Love your style, your writing, your humor, you. Thank u for including me in this great post. And when you go to the next “magical” exclusive social media moms event, unless I’m with you, I don’t want to hear about it. Grinchy heart here can only take so much!

  2. I sure as Hell do not want to hear about anyone’s yachting trips . . . but Disney-anything? Gah! I will go into seclusion before I go see Mickey and the gang in some sweaty, crowded, whiny damn place too far south. Hell no, I won’t go!

    But I am (maybe) going to BlogHer 2012 in NYC.

    Hold on–frozen peas on butt because who bit you?

  3. El, I am going to be at Blogher!!! You should go. There is a 5k on Friday morning, which is probably nothing to you but should be fun. My husband is a former lawyer too. Glad to hear your man still loves it. Loving the smallness of the world.

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