Mother A and Mother B at the Snack Bar

I have one question about the following scenario:

1PM Saturday

Mother A finds herself at the local health club with her two small children. Let’s say the children are both under three years old.  After a healthy workout, Mother A retrieves her children from the clean and nurturing childcare center located within the health club.  Because the lunch rush has passed, Mother A decides it might be fun to sit at the modest snack bar/restaurant with her two young kids and eat lunch.  Mother A has never had lunch by herself out in public with her two small children.  For the record, Mother A orders a salad with grilled chicken, 2 pieces of rye toast, and cheese quesadillas for her party of three to share.  Mother A settles her two little ones into chairs where they can watch people playing tennis and commences to enjoy a mostly delightful lunch experience.

Mother B, also at the same health club, picks up her five-year-old daughter around 1:15 PM from the childcare center.  Mother B and her daughter make their way through the restaurant seating area, where only Mother A and her exceedingly well-behaved children sit eating their lunch.  Mother B’s daughter grabs her mother’s hand and asks if they can have lunch at the health club.  Mother B, looking into the eyes (and soul) of Mother A, without blinking or dropping her gaze for so much as a second says loudly, “No, honey. We are going to go home and eat something healthy.  Let’s eat something healthy at home.  There’s nothing healthy here.”  Finally, dropping her gaze from Mother A, Mother B leads her daughter out of the health club to go home to eat somethinghealthy.

Mother A’s older child asks Mother A, “why does that other mommy keep saying the word ‘healthy’?”  Mother A replies, “I don’t know. I think it’s complicated. It’s got nothing to do with us.”

*  *  *

Here’s my question:

Is one of these moms an a**?

Optional follow-up questions:

If Mother A was offended and/or annoyed, is she too sensitive?

Can Mother A really claim she had a “healthy workout” if all she did was sit on the bike going 2 miles per hour while reading People Magazine?

Is rye toast (without butter) healthy? Is it good? Would your kids eat it?

Is it totally annoying when people talk loudly to their children to communicate a message to other adults?

Do people who malign quesadillas have an eating disorder?

Do people who adore quesadillas and feed them to their children have an eating disorder?

Isn’t Mother A brave to eat a meal with her two small, sippy-cup-wielding children all by herself?

Is it wrong if Mother A’s children made a substantial mess on the floor, which Mother A was unable to properly address because there was a potty emergency and a meltdown brewing (and she was sick of being at the health club)?

Is Mother B jealous of Mother A’s joie de vivre?

Is Mother A a better person than Mother B?

Does Mother B think she’s better than Mother A because she’s got Cameron Diaz’s legs and Mother A has Kurt Cameron’s?

Does Mother A need to get a job?


24 thoughts on “Mother A and Mother B at the Snack Bar

  1. Mother B needs to get a life and quit being judge and jury for determining what is healthy and not healthy (says Mother C, who just took her children to McDonald’s for lunch…Mother B would probably have called Child Protective Services for that transgression).

    For the record, I prefer white bread with real butter:)

  2. OK, now, that is just absurd. I can’t believe that woman would say that. Eat at that snack bar with your head held high!!!

  3. Is a quesadilla really unhealthy? This is when skinny angry people ruin my day. There is nothing unhealthy about tortilla and cheese. Most likely it was pressed and not deep fried.

    Now, let’s clarify — it’s probably more calories than her slow metabolic lazy ass can consume and still fit in her colored denim but THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT UNHEALTHY.

    Children are extremely active and need extra calories. Fat, miss bitchy, is ESSENTIAL to brain development, especially in children under 5. That’s what I would have said to Mother B. But that’s just me.

    • I agree. Kids do need fat. In fact, I buy whole milk for my kids, not skim or 2%. I think they need it to build muscle and grow. I will not buy low fat/no fat foods, especially if they add chemicals to enhance the flavor that is lost when removing the fate.

  4. What’s wrong with an f-ing quesadilla? I’m eating one right now and have had them three times this past week (variety is not my strong suit). I agree with Joyce – Mother B probably was too cheap to eat at the snack bar. Now that I relate to!

  5. I think I know Mother B! She’s the woman whose kid won’t eat Mac n’Cheese – not because it’s unhealthy but because she doesn’t add the necessary butter and milk to make it delicious. She’s the one whose child will make your daughter worry about her weight before middle school.

    On another note – kids make messes on and under the table. That’s why I leave a generous tip before leaving any restaurant.

  6. I guess I have a problem because as I read what Mother A ordered, I thought to myself, “Oh God, It’s another damn health nut.” In my book, quesadillas ARE definately a health food. Rye bread is in a whole other category–kind of the weird tree hugger food category.

    Mother B would have had to have a stint put in for her coronary after seeing what I (let’s just call me Mother D) would have ordered at said snack bar.

  7. I’m Mother C: I punch Mother B in the face and steal the quesadillas from Mother A’s kids because I’m so friggin’ starving after my workout. For good measure, I buy Mother B’s daughter a milkshake. But that’s just me.

  8. No, you don’t rank after the postman! You may not be a best friend, but you are MOMMY – the highest title of all. (if you don’t believe me, just ask daddy)

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