Looking For Leo And New Reasons To Be Jealous of Penelope Cruz

Assuming, arguendo, that I didn’t have reason before, I am now starting to fear for my sanity. I had some precious free time and what did I do?  Do you think I did laundry or cleaned the kitchen (or anything else) or set up the mise en scene for a craft project this afternoon?


No, I didn’t.

I didn’t because I was too busy looking for Google images of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem’s baby boy Leo.  I keep wondering where the full US Magazine spread of little Leo is.   All I could find were some grainy shots of the perfect Latino trio vacationing in Italy– “Look! Celebs are just like us! They vacation in Positano with their little ones in Baby Bjorns!”

The Cruz Bardems enjoying Italy

The Cruz-Bardems enjoying Italy– Is that vomit at the bottom of the stairs? I guess they are a little like me. (Photo courtesy of www.popsugar.com)

Right.  Penelope and Javier are just like me.  Except we have decided not to travel as a family, unless there is an emergency (like a civil war on American soil), until Simon is 7.  We’ve got 5.6 years to go.  And when we do, we will probably not be headed to picturesque Italy– we will probably head to Springfield, Illinois to explore the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, because we are comfortably ensconced in the 99%.

Also, my hair won’t be long and luscious like Penny’s, my legs won’t be tan, and I probably won’t have a stylish swimsuit cover-up to sport at the motel swimming pool, unless you count the terry cloth wrap-around towel I got at Costco last year.  (It’s pink and yellow, so maybe that does count.)

I actually think it’s good parenting and very admirable that the BarCruz’s (I just made that name up– let’s take it viral) have not exploited baby Leo.  It’s just that if they did, then I could spend my time being jealous of their alleged perfection in stead of being jealous of all the people in my actual life.

Like you.

And you too.

Yes, you too, I am jealous of you even though I don’t really know you, because that doesn’t stop me.

And you? I didn’t know you read my blog! Thanks. And, yes, I am most certainly jealous of you.


12 thoughts on “Looking For Leo And New Reasons To Be Jealous of Penelope Cruz

  1. Every single post you write cracks me up! I keep meaning to comment on them as they pop up, but it seems there is always some emergency to tend to here, or I get distracted by something shiny or caffeinated.
    Not today!
    I loved this. Keep it up!

  2. Along with her lustrious hair and tan legs, you forgot the sexy accent. Perhaps you can groom your gorgeous daughter to be Leo’s girlfriend? That way after they get married you can travel to Italy with your white legs and contribute to the vomit at the bottom of the stairs. Dang it! I knew I should have had another girl instead of a boy 3 months ago!

    • Hey, maybe Leo will like our boys! You never know. I have asked my husband to speak in a Spanish accent for MotherS Day. I should have asked for diamonds!

      • That’s true. We’ll have to watch little Leo closely to see which side he bats for. I’ve asked my husband to wear his firesuit (he used to be a race car driver) for Mother’s Day. He looks pretty hot in it. Figuratively and literally, since it is fireproof and all. What’s a little heatstroke to make momma happy?

  3. Ha! You didn’t know I read your blog! You got me. Well i admit I’m jealous of you, too. You are an insiration 🙂

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