Friday Fan Letter: “Yes, I Went There” Edition

Dear Beloved Gals,

I can’t believe how much we’ve been through together.  You guys have been with me since the very beginning.  Before the kids and Jeff and law school and even college.  There wasn’t a time when you weren’t right here.

Sure, you don’t look like you did at the beginning– neither do I.

There were years when I hated you. I resented your growth and the attention you garnered and how you made my life seem more complicated. I didn’t always have the tools to cope with you.

There were times when I was scared of you.  I didn’t know what your changes meant for me and for my life.  Things changed for me when you changed.  It was scary.

Then, there were years of denial.  I pretended you didn’t exist.  I wanted to hide you and hide from you.  I stuffed you away. I prayed for you to disappear. I hunched my shoulders to make it happen.  I am hoping yoga can reverse the effects of those years.

But you ladies both showed up when it really mattered: when I became a mom.  My parenting would be totally different if you had not cooperated and shown up for me and the kids.  I can’t believe what I put you both through! Day after day you did exactly what I asked of you.  You endured all manner of poking and prodding and pumping. You were blistered and bit and sometimes you bled.  But still you produced.  And, you are still at it.

You produced two healthy, average-weight children all by yourselves for many months.  I am so eternally grateful for you both.  Sometimes, I like to think that everyone admires you at least a little bit.  I mean, you are still relatively perky and not too droopy, though you have every right to relax and hang out (or down).  But, regardless of how anyone else on the planet feels about you, I adore you. I love what you made (my children) and what you made of me: A woman who can embrace her breasts as something wonderful, feminine, life-giving, and life-altering.  You are something to celebrate, to enjoy, to revere and to respect.

And so am I.

So, Dear Breasts, thank you for an awesome almost-39 years together.  You are totally amazing, and I love you. I am your biggest fan.


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