Filling In Some Gaps

Ya’ll, today my body feels like Satan and his hounds of hell have bought Harley Davidsons and taken up residence in my stomach.  Let me just say this: the highlight of the day was puking up breakfast while driving on I-55.  I think Sadie may have some PTSD from the experience because she kept saying, “Mommy, why are you spitting in that paper bag and swerving on the road.”

Twas unpleasant.

But I don’t want to leave you empty-handed.  When I was nursing Simon and trying to puke over his 90th percentile head, my mind wandered to the type of posts you never see in a Mom blog.  For example? How about tips on how to conduct yourself after a one-night stand? That’s never the discussion point on a Mom blog, and frankly, I think that’s just not fair.

So, to fill in the gaps and to garner attention and readership from the younger segments of society, those who still have sex outside of the marital bed, I found a perfect post.  Check out “Post Hookup Etiquette” from a blogger who can give you something that I can’t: tips for hooking up with men you don’t know.



3 thoughts on “Filling In Some Gaps

  1. OK, I read that other post, and it was hysterical. Totally took me back to another place and another time. Eons ago. Wish I’d had these tips back then 😉

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