Taking Flight: What Should I Put In My Fanny Pack?

I just kissed my babies goodbye. For the weekend. For the first time ever. Where’s my Pulitzer Prize for bravery?

The kids will be in the most capable of hands: Jeff. He is more serious about healthy food, healthy limits, and wholesome activities than I am. So I am not worried about them at all. Jeff… maybe I worry about him a little but I also look forward to his experience of parenting solo so he’ll know how it is for me when he travels. Plus, I left three Zoloft on the counter, which he can take himself or give to the kids.

Also, this has been a brutally hard week in every way. Everyone sick (again), Simon is getting his incisors, Jeff’s been out of town, and I have been more bitchy than normal. The blessing in this hard week that snatched away my patience, my sleep, and my sanity, is that it makes it easier to leave.

Because the truth is that I need some space. I really need to wander anonymously in a new city with a beloved girlfriend (www.ateachablemom.com) and be off the hook, out of pocket, and very hard to reach. I am thrilled about traveling because of all the things I will see and experience– whatever they may be. (Oh Lord, let there be some delicious pizza and egg creams in my immediate future!) And, I am excited that I won’t be seeing any dirty diapers, or chasing those rubber things that go in sippy cups, or hearing my babies cry for me in the dead of night (say, 10:30 pm or so).

There are plenty of pieces of home coming with me: there are 2,485 pictures on my phone; there’s that giant black breast pump; and there are the scars on my body from both kids’ overlong fingernails scratching me. (Does cutting kids’s fingernails ever get easier?)

So if you happen to be flying from Chicago to NYC today, I will be the one grinning from earring to earring, even though I feel like I should be sadder AND even though I have a middle seat. (My secret weapon for any seat encroachers? I am pulling out Fifty Shades of Grey and reading it softly outloud; perhaps I will insert a moan or two.)

So, who’s got advice for how Outlaw Mama can make the most of her girls’ weekend in the Big City? What special staples should I stuff in my fanny pack to be prepared? Don’t worry– I got a specially bedazzled fanny pack just for this trip so no one will know I am from America’s heartland. I plan to blend right in.


10 thoughts on “Taking Flight: What Should I Put In My Fanny Pack?

  1. I don’t know why this post gave me so much comfort. I have been having a week from hell too. It’s mostly me – I’m just feeling down and out of it.

    Enjoy your weekend in the N-Y-C!! You are set for some amazing weather (today is perfect!).

  2. http://www.difara.com/ Some of New York’s best pizza if you’re up for a long adventure. Call to make sure they’re open. Literally right across the street from the Avenue J stop on the Q train – can’t miss it. Don’t go during prime meal hours, just share a slice or two in the afternoon.

  3. A bottle of Olde English, a nail file (for picking locks, stabbing hooligans…or filing your nails,) a fancy hat (to go with your fancy fanny pack,) and some fruit stripe gum. You will be all set.

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