Party Planning, Sadie Style

Sadie: Mommy, can we talk about me now?

Me: Sure, Sweetie. Under my breath–I wasn’t aware of talking about anything else these last 35 months.

Me: What would you like to talk about?

Sadie: My birthday.

Me: Great! Let’s plan your third birthday party. Do you want to go to a bounce house?

Sadie: I like chocolate cupcakes.

Me: Ok, but do you want a party?  How about a piñata that you and your friends can assault with a semi-dangerous sawed-off broomstick to make candy rain from the sky?  You can all maim each other trying to grab the candy, and then all the parents will hate me for serving a bunch of candy to newly minted three-year-olds? How’s that sound?

Sadie: I really like chocolate cupcakes.

Me: Cupcakes. Got it. Do you want me to hire an alcoholic clown to come and make lame animal balloons for you and your friends?

Sadie: Can the clown bring cupcakes?

Me: How about we let Daddy make the cupcakes?

Sadie: Chocolate cupcakes.

Me: Duly noted.  Do you want a swimming party?

Sadie: Will you tell Daddy to put chocolate icing on the chocolate cupcakes?

Me:  Sure. Anything else?

Sadie: Yes. Fresh flowers, please.

*Most of this conversation is true. I did not accept any money from alcoholic clowns to make this post.

I respectfully decline the offer for an alcoholic clown to ring in my third year of life.

I respectfully decline the offer for an alcoholic clown to ring in my third year of life.


11 thoughts on “Party Planning, Sadie Style

  1. How about a clown, dressed like a chocolate cupcake, serving chocolate cupcakes? Sounds like a win-win! And I know a girl who makes good chocolate cupcakes if you are interested….

  2. I would kill for that hair! This is where boys are easier than girls. My son didn’t even know his birthday was coming and when he just showed up at his party (no prior knowledge whatsoever) he was simply thrilled. You better get on those damn chocolate cupcakes. Make a few test batches well beforehand.

  3. Perfection and just the laugh I needed tonight! Ms sadie has good taste (though i dont know if she should have been so quick to dismiss the alcoholic clown idea – could have been fun for her grownup guests!).

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