6 Items of Miscellany

Happy hot-as-f*cking-hell-day to you! The heat fried my brain and stole my will to live, so today I am setting ya’ll up with some miscellany. (How kick ass of a word is “miscellany”?)

1. Let’s start with inspiration.  I have watched the video of Kristin Wiig’s send-off from Saturday Night Live over 10 times. I can’t get enough.  There is so much love for her from her cast mates and her boss (can you imagine getting a warm hug like that from your boss on live TV?), and she’s trying so hard to keep from losing her sh*t or flashing her ass.  I tear up every time.  I hope one day to take in the love I see her taking in here. (Also, can you see John Hamm at the end dancing on the right side of the frame? Dorky dancer alert. But it only made me love him more for being fallible.)

2. Are you a shopper? I am fairly committed to retail endeavors, but even the casual shopper of groceries or apparel for troops in Afghanistan could learn something from this insightful article about why consumers suck at math.

3. Passion. Do you have it? Do you want it? Read about it and discuss my guest post on author Stephanie Saye’s blog about how passion snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking.

4. Animals. I am not an animal person, which is one of the more glaring pieces of evidence that I may, in fact, be a sociopath.  But I found this blog (Cute Things Falling Asleep) and thought it was cheery.  And, it made me feel better about the pulled muscle in my bootie, which is killing me by the way.

5. Archival evidence. Here’s a fun former post about Jeff and I going to get our engagement pictures taken way, WAY back in the day.  Maybe this wonderful shared memory will help Jeff forgive me for the little tiff we had at lunch, which was 50% my fault.

6. Ballsy.  That’s what I want to be: more ballsy.  I found just the purse for the aspiring ballsy woman (the purse and image are from Etsy store Crafttasticparties.  Click here to see more):

Ballsy purse

Ballsy purse


9 thoughts on “6 Items of Miscellany

  1. I had a blast going down your miscellany lane. I hope there’s more where this came from. I haven’t seen KW’s SNL good-bye, loved revisiting your engagement photo post from one of your earlier blogs and appreciated the Atlantic’s take on spending and costs. Delightful! And let’s not forget the gum ball bag. You’ve got ballsy nailed girlfriend! Love you.

  2. Great Post.
    I enjoyed your “Ballsy” part. Go for it, girl 🙂
    Thanks for the other links…

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