Internet, I Made A Mistake

“When you know better, you do better.” — Maya Angelou

Oh, Internet, I made a mistake.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about a previously private matter between me and another blogger who runs a blog with a similar name.  I removed the post and comments for the following reasons:

1. The way that I blogged about the issue invited disparaging comments about her blog, which is entirely my fault and definitely not in concert with how I want to operate, in the blogosphere and otherwise.  I should have been more careful about how I presented the issue and made more clear my respect for her blog, her work, and her creativity.  As my blog is precious to me, I imagine hers it precious to her as well.

2. In the five months I have been publicly blogging. I have been most impressed by the culture of support among bloggers.  I deeply regret posting content that was not in line with that intention.

I have already made a private apology, but a public amends is also appropriate after yesterday’s post.

So, it’s been quite a week.  First I insulted my beloved and no-longer-with-us Grandma, and then I screw up an attempt to get advice and support about a potential trademark (service mark) issue with my blog.

I was wrong.

I will do better.

That’s a promise.


35 thoughts on “Internet, I Made A Mistake

    • Ugh. Does it get easier? I feel sick to my stomach. I hate the thought of hurting someone else. It’s fine to be snarky about myself, but hurting others is a bad line to cross. Onward and upward, I suppose. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one who’s fumbled in Blogland. I appreciate it immensely this morning.

  1. Just remember this…no matter the name of your site, twitter handle, etc., you are still you, and no one can take that away from you. Your talent is your talent, and whether it shows up on this URL or another, we will all find you wherever you go. Keep your chin up & shoulders back! Favorite quote my Dad used to always tell me 🙂

    • I like that quote. I should probably put a bra on first because otherwise, someone might get hurt.

      I appreciate the kindness and the pep talk…..I remember the Father’s Day post you did and I know those are special words from a special person (you and HIM)!

  2. I sure hope you aren’t beating yourself up over this. I think you are showing a lot of class by owning your mistake and apologizing. We are all human and we all make mistakes. I make at least 6-10 per day, minimum! I think some retail therapy at Costco is in order. Big hugs. This too shall pass.

  3. Bummer man. I didn’t think you were making a personal attack and it was certainly in line with your usual wit and humor (heavy on the Costco theme of course). But if she did take personal offense then you are really doing the right thing. Proud of you. Even an Outlaw Mama has her boundaries – you are learning them here.

  4. I didn’t see the post you took down, so I can’t comment intelligently, but that’s never stopped me before. I’ve only been blogging for a few months as well and I definitely appreciate the supportive atmosphere, BUT, I’ve also found that there is a tendency to think anything that lives close to criticism and disagreement and isn’t couched in “that’s just my opinion, hee, hee” language should be avoided. That’s not always the case. People have disagreements. People have hurt feelings. At some point, it’s ok to share those feelings. If you felt you went too far, you are completely entitled to apologize and move on, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Chances are, you weren’t nearly as harsh as you thought you were or as harsh as the average thing that is yelled at me when driving in the city, for which I will go to my grave waiting for an apology.

    On another note, it just popped into my head that if this thing with the blog name goes sour, might I suggest “Notlaw Mama”?

    Anyway, chin up. You write well, that’s what matters.

    • You are so funny. I agree that I want honest dialogue and discourse and I believe my presentation yesterday crossed a line for me. But beating myself up doesn’t serve the world. Doing something creative and constructive is much better. And I didn’t know you were a newbie too?

      • Yes, I had a false start several years ago, but I’ve really only been blogging *seriously* (those asterisks are my eyes rolling at my presumption) for less than a year. I only hooked up with yeahwrite in March and that has been wonderful. I had difficulty finding a community where I felt comfortable (hence my bitter depiction of the usual blogosphere discourse as being dominated by deference and giggling).

      • Totally. I think yeah write strikes a balance between humane and edgy. It’s really a gem. I would be open to more constructive criticism but that may come in time.

        Glad you are a serious blogger.

  5. Thankfully we can make amends to people and let go of the shame! I am wishing you and Outlaw Mom some healing and a solution that supports you both.

  6. Don’t beat yourself up over this. Heck, I jumped all over the bandwagon too with my comments – we are all just as guilty. I yelled at my kids yesterday so I feel awful as well, which in my book is worse than this. So know you’re in good company. No one will die over this. Time to move on, my friend. You done good.

  7. That was a very gracious and heartfelt apology. I have sinned as well – talking about my husband’s and my work a bit too publicly. I had to take the blog down for a while and make it private but then, lessons absorbed, put myself out there again. It’s always a risk and we’re always learning. You are not alone here!! I think everyone has some kind of internet embarrassment in their back pocket…

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