BlogHer 2012 Wrap Up

There are an infinite number of things to say about a conference that featured Katie Couric, Martha Stewart, Soledad O’Brien, Christy Turlington-Burns, and countless famous and fabulous bloggers who entertain and educate me every single day. And as BlogHer ’12 recedes in my mental rearview member, I can begin to process the past 72 hours of my life and relate my observations.

I will note that I don’t have the impression that the conference totally changed my life, and I am grateful for that. I happen to really like my life and was hoping to enhance it, but not overhaul it. I met incredible women who are doing amazing things with their lives and their creativity, and I hope my relationships with them will change me for the better over time. (You know who you are and you better be reading my blog, ladies.)

Otherwise, I feel inspired to write and create. The overall theme I heard echoing through the carpeted halls of the Hilton was a very Nike-esque Just Do It. If you want to write, write. Stop perseverating about it and jump in. There is no one who can do that for you. You have to confront all the excuses about why you are not writing in a blog (or otherwise) and start telling your stories or explaining your crafting with sequins or show us how to make that amazing torte you love. I am sure there were lots of other themes about monetization and branding, but this year I largely ignored those. Because they scare me.

I did learn about video blogging and have a draft script for a video presentation that I will feature here before the school year starts. Here’s a little preview: it will feature Barbie dolls, Japanese cleavers, and yours truly. COMING SOON!

Next year the conference will be in Chicago so if you are in the area you should stop by, because it’s one heck of a sight to see thousands of overshare-y writer types concentrated in one space. You should know that as a general rule bloggers over-scent themselves so if you have to ride a full elevator with a bunch of bloggers, you may want to consider holding your breath if overdoses of perfume bother you. Or asphyxiate, if you so choose.

Special thanks to my husband who parented our children all by himself this weekend so I could cavort around NYC to have an amazing experience. It’s good to be me.


13 thoughts on “BlogHer 2012 Wrap Up

  1. It was fun keeping up with it on Twitter while you all were there! Because I’m new to blogging, I didn’t know about it in time to make plans, but I will definitely be going to Chicago next year 🙂

  2. Oh I can’t wait to see your vlog! That will be awesome because YOU are awesome! So glad we got to hang so much!!

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