Summer Running FAIL

Generally, when I think of running during the summer months, the song that comes to mind is Flock of Seagulls’ I Ran (So Far Away).

This summer, the more appropriate song for my running is Otis Reddings’ Sitting On the Dock of the Bay.

For more about the fears I confronted and the lessons I learned this summer when my butt injury prevented me from running a single step, click here for my guest post over at Mom Running On Empty.

This isn't me, but she sure looks hurt.  (image from

This isn’t me, but she sure looks hurt. (image from




6 thoughts on “Summer Running FAIL

  1. An impressive surrender – way to make lemonade! I relate to every one of your fears and am inspired by your “gems.” Most importantly, you didn’t gain weight – that’s a bloody miracle! 😉

  2. I relate. Not being able to run to you is like not being able to swim for me because they close the city pool in the heat of August because of budget cuts.

  3. Apparently I should have read this post before replying to the comment you left on my blog with, “You’re a runner?” Wups! Anyway… this is CRAZY!! I pulled a muscle in my butt BAAAAD back into 2007. It took at least a week before I could put on pants without help. So I feel your pain. The good news is I’m all better now. So you should be good to go by, say, 2017.

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