Road Trip– Life Beyond Costco

Before y’all counseled me to ix-nay the pro-school campaign, Sadie and I played a lot of school. I considered it a step up from playing Mommy and Doggie, where I always had to be the dog.

On the rare occasion the Sadie let me be the teacher, I thoroughly embraced my role. I used a sweet voice to welcome all my students (Sadie, Simon, and various stuffed animals). I offered “lessons” in reading and healthy living. On ambitious mornings, I made lesson plans for circle time and got up early to bake nutritious snacks.

Once we did a segment called, “Summer Vacation,” where I asked my two students capable of speech what they did for summer vacation.

Sadie’s answer every single time?

“I went with my mommy and daddy to Costco.”

As her teacher, I thought that was cute and honest.

As her mother, I felt a little sad for a kid whose big summer trip was to the neighborhood wholesale store. No doubt other kids will have tales of lake houses and tea parties at Disney World.

And that’s why I planned a last minute road trip to Wisconsin. Because of an imaginary conversation I pictured Sadie having at school where she truthfully explained that her family’s idea of a trip is utterly devoid of adventure and somewhat of a conversation stopper.

I think I need therapy.


15 thoughts on “Road Trip– Life Beyond Costco

  1. Haha…we are heading in that direction right now. If you get bored, you’ll have to settle for Sam’s Club, but you know that would be like a vacation from Costco.

  2. First of all, we could all use a little therapy, no? And if you’re someone that says you don’t then you make me nervous and we probably wouldn’t have fun together anyway. Secondly? You are so funny. And honest. And awesome. Lastly, be sure to have Sadie eat some Wisconsin cheese curds because talking about the way cheese can squeak is absolutely a conversation STARTER, baby.

  3. This is so funny! My 8yo loves to go to Target. I think he’d rather go there than to the beach. Have fun in Wisconsin! It’s football season so maybe you can get a cheesehead for the blog. I’m sure Blue Baby would wear it 😉

  4. I always hated the first day of school when the teacher asked what we did over the summer. When I was little, we didn’t have Costco.

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