Nordstrom Rack: The “Other Person” In My Marriage

I will not spend needlessly in Nordstrom Rack.

Thankfully, this was not one of my wedding vows. Because it would have been a lie.

(Please click here for the post I wrote over at BlogHer.)


10 thoughts on “Nordstrom Rack: The “Other Person” In My Marriage

  1. I shop for clothes when I’m depressed. I’ve been depressed since I lost my job. Not a good combination. Sometimes I do Show and Tell after I shop, and sometimes I just let things become one with my existing wardrobe and hope nobody notices (except to tell me how great I look when I wear them).

  2. Ouch. I didn’t need to read this today! Last night, husband and I had a talk about where all our (read: his – I’m a cost center, he is a profit center) money goes. I’ll skip to the end – we have no idea. I will admit to a esteem-boosting trip to Nordstrom Rack – but I had real needs! Aggressive and active mothering has torn the knees out of all my jeans.

  3. I hope your readers take a moment to click on this funny post. Nordstrom Rack makes me nervous–all those clothes and shoes jammed together and I can never find a single good bargain.

  4. With all the hoopla I forgot to leave my comment. You are my hero. We all have issues but you show us how you face them head on. You give us hope that we can expose our secrets, our weaknesses , our issues and we will still be liked and loved. You are awesome. Props to outlaw dadda too. PS – is it too soon to ask if I can borrow the Tori tunic?

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