Massage This, Kiddo

This morning the kids and I dropped Jeff off for a massage.  On the way home, the following conversation took place:

Sadie: Why is Daddy getting a massage?

Me: Because massages feel great on your muscles.

Sadie: But why is he getting a massage?

Me: Well, Daddy works very hard and sometimes he forgets to relax his muscles while he’s working, so the massage will help him relax his muscles.

Sadie: Daddy works hard in his office.

Me: Yep.

Sadie: You don’t work.

Me: I am not sure I agree with that.

Sadie:  No, you don’t work.

Me:  I don’t work in an office like Daddy.  That’s true.

Sadie: You don’t work at all, so you can’t have a massage.

Me: Just because I don’t work in an office doesn’t mean I don’t get a massage.   First of all, working by being a mom and teaching a writing class is working.  Second, anyone can get a massage because it is a good way to be nice your body.

Sadie: No, you can’t get one because you don’t work.

Me: M’kay.

Sadie: Mommy, why are you making that face? Are you in a bad mood?

Me: Me? No? That’s just my face.  My normal, non-working, I-don’t-deserve-a-massage face.


30 thoughts on “Massage This, Kiddo

  1. I love that Sadie has opinions. I don’t love this particular one, but I love that she isn’t shy expressing it. Go Sadie!

  2. I had nearly the exact conversation with Rhys yesterday! So weird. She’s fascinated by the building Mike works in and was adamant that what I do isn’t work. Just as I was starting to feel okay about what I’m doing with my life, she finds that button. Yay. 😉

  3. It took me a long time to convince myself that I was worthy of a massage. (Whoever got to Sadie must have gotten to me too.) But now I get one regularly and it makes me happy – and better at my job. I vote that you book one for yourself before the day is out!

    • Nails and massage? Will you be my sensai? (Not sure how to spell that but will you teach me the ways of self=care?) My back aches and my nails look like I have never seen a file. Soon. I will do it soon.

    • She’s at command central for mommy’s buttons. How do they know how to do that? She’s only 3.3 years old? Already with the “you don’t work, so you can’t get a massage.” OY!

  4. Have her do some laundry. When Alex, age 9, switched the laundry from the washer to the dryer, he came up to me and said “Whew, mom, that’s hard work. You have to do that every day? I feel sorry for you.” Then I told him I not only do it every day, I do it more than once a day. If my hubs got massages, Alex would have made me get one too. Alas, not only do I not like my food touching, I don’t like people touching me either. (Except for nails and hair and the occasional doctor visit…well, and the hubs, I guess:). )

  5. Oh, hay-il no.

    I vaguely remember something like this happening when Peanut was young. The “you don’t work?” discussion. I replied something like, “isn’t getting us ready to go and feeding you and wiping your bottom and cleaning up the house and talking nicely and teaching you things work?” And when he said no I said, “okay, then let’s see what happens if I don’t get us ready to go and I don’t feed you and I don’t wipe your bottom and I don’t clean up the house and I don’t talk nicely and I don’t teach you things.” He said, we can get someone else to do that. And I said, “Yes, we could. And that person would come to our house to do that work, and they would call it work, and we would pay them for doing the work. So maybe if I do all that work you should pay me.”

    That ended the conversation and made him call everything anyone in the family does “work.”

    Done, and done.

    Now I need a massage.

  6. Oh my God!!!!! Just in case you started to believe your toddler for half a second, let me set the record straight. Momming is such hard work!!! And you SO deserve a massage!

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