Introducing My Spirit Animal

Last night, I was bone-ass tired in the way I get when Jeff’s out of town and my kids have had too much sugar. So naturally, instead of going to bed, I tried to get in touch with my spirit animal.  Only problem? I am not sure which animal is my spirit animal.

All summer, I obsessed over my spirit animal.  Having never been much of an animal lover (more of an “animal tolerate-r”), I thought getting in touch with my spirit animal might make me more gentle or spiritual or in tune with nature. Maybe I would be less of a shrew to my kids, since they act like animals most of the time.

Plus, it might help me become more vegan if I could connect with the right animal.

I took a few on-line quizzes that purported to identify my spirit animal.  One of them said my animal was the hawk, which I rejected because hawks are too aggressive. (See war hawk; I am more of a dove, and I would consider the phoenix for the symbolic potential, but no hawks.)  Also, I think hawks look like buzzards.

I knew I needed more cuddle potential out of my animal.

Another quiz said my animal was a wood cock.  Seriously.  I am supposed to connect with a wood cock?  For obvious reasons, I went back to the drawing board after that quiz.  (Can you picture me ambling into a Cracker Barrel perusing the gift shop for a statuesque wood cock? I bet the only place I can find a statue of a wood cock (which looks like a stupid little duck (see why animals love me?)) is at an adult bookstore in downtown Detroit.)

Wood cock was out.

Prior to taking the quizzes, I rejected the following animals based on a simple distaste and/or disdain for them:

  • Albatross
  • Platypus
  • Starfish (not sure that’s really an animal)
  • Parrot
  • Hyena (though this one probably belongs on my short list judging by my laughter)
  • Beaver (we’re just not going there)

Here’s the runners-up list:

  • Hippo (because big mouth)
  • Domesticated pot belly big (because how cute?)
  • Sheep (I read they have no teeth and that sounded cool, plus I like wool)
  • Camel (hydration is a challenge for me)
  • Flamingo (because pink and skinny legs)

But, it came to me the other day at a make-shift petting zoo in downtown Chicago. I locked eyes with an animal forced to stand in a 4 ft x 4 ft pen so that little city children could feed her pellets of food.  We had a connection– I looked into her eyes as I was dousing myself with hand sanitizer– and it was clear.

My spirit animal is the Llama.

Llama Llama-- my spirit animal

Llama Llama– my spirit animal

Llamas are very social creatures that are also very intelligent. (Hello? Chuck Woolery, we have a connection!)  They are great pack animals and stick together in herds.  And those eyelashes.  Are you kidding me? I can’t believe I missed it all these years of reading those Llama Llama books with my children.

This is the first step of my spiritual enlightenment.  I feel really good about connecting with the animal kingdom through the llama.  So please don’t offer me any llama burgers or llama-fajitas, because I am not eating my spirit animal.

Have you spent valuable time and resources discovering your spirit animal? Is your animal memorialized as a figurine in Cracker Barrel’s holiday collection?


30 thoughts on “Introducing My Spirit Animal

  1. Mama,
    I used to belong to a mens organization who guided their members to connect with a spirit animal. The objective was to gain support for a man’s struggle(s). The spirit animal actually represents something within the person that naming it will help connect our consciousness to.
    I hear you process of discovery here as external. What I mean is that your focus has been outside, followed by your judgment of that animal. None of this is about the part of you that is obscured by the way you have become.
    My spirit animal is the Lion, the king. From that place, I bless your struggle and urge you to discover that powerful part of you that needs more recognition from you. She is clearly there, looking to come out into the light. Let her be your companion on your journey.

    • Dayum. That’s intense. I hear what you are saying. It’s funny I rejected the hawk, when that may be the part of myself that needs some air, some room to soar. Maybe the aggression I reject in the hawk is what I am rejecting in myself.

      Always with the food for thought…..

  2. Of course I went and did it . . . googled “finding my spirit animal” and then took the ensuing quiz. Apparently I’m a bear. (Ursuline Academy irony?) I should avoid crows, foxes, and spiders. (Good thing.) I wonder how this new-found knowledge will impact my life henceforth . . . Thanks for another good chuckle!!

  3. I love your attempt to become “more vegan.” This is a fun game! What do you think my spirit animal would be?

  4. I avoid such quizzes because I always lie on my answers to make me look better.
    I’m glad you made a connection with a llama. I wish I could have one in my backyard but it’s not big enough. I do, however, fertilize my garden with llama doo. My friend has llamas and it’s easy to collect their doo because they always go in the same place unlike some animals that drop it willy-nilly. Also the doo doesn’t need to be composted before application because it isn’t “hot”. I’m sure these llama facts have endeared you to your spirit animal even more.

    • You have llama doo?? Now I am even more jealous of you than before. I didn’t even know llama doo was a thing, or that it’s not hot. You better believe I am more endeared now.

      LLama Llama red pajama and cold DOOO DOOO

  5. I thought I inspired your spirit animal with my chicken tales? If I didn’t love the crap out of you I might be slightly offended. That’s ok, though. I’m a fan of the llama too. Such good rhyming potential. Like “llama llama can’t stand drama”. I may start calling myself a llama now and reciting that line to my 5yo.

    • Chickens are too vulnerable– you can cut their heads off. And plus, I eat chickens and eggs. So that wouldn’t work as a spirit animal. But llamas and chickens are close friends. There’s going to be a llama – chicken week on Animal Planet. Maybe we’ll get interviewed.

  6. You had me at wood cock. Lord have mercy me. There’s a herd of Llama just around the corner from our house on the last bit of farmland left in Plano. There’s a spotted one that the kids call Cookies and Cream. Trying to figure out how to steal him.

  7. How did you even think of this? I did the quiz of course and discovered I’m an owl (OK) and my best matches are hawkes, foxes and spiders (NOT OK). Geez, I never knew arachnids were even an option here!

  8. I love llamas! But then, I love pretty much all the animals, ever, so that’s not really as exciting as it sounds.
    Anyway, given my love of animals, you would think I would know my spirit animal, but I can’t say I have ever given it any thought. Which means now this weekend I am going to be obsessed with this! We’ll see what happens.

  9. Your blog is awesome =)

    I’ve worked with people in finding their spirit guides for a long time. Most often we’re introduced to the concept via totems, spirit animals, ext. One thing modern shamanism doesn’t give much attention to is the spectrum of possibilities in how spirit guides present themselves. Maybe they are animals or humanoid, but they can also be plants, elements, crystals, trees, etc. If you still feel like things aren’t going in the direction that feeds you best, open it up a bit more to see if some other form of spirit teacher awaits you. Sometimes it’s just about widening possibility.

    Cheers, and best to you!

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