Cookies, Cajuns and Cause for Celebration

There’s a lot going on today, which is fantastic because I have no childcare and my little one won’t nap.  Also, there’s a hole in the pocket of my winter coat, so I keep “losing” my phone and my keys because they fall through the hole and get stuck in the lining.  But, ask me if I care? I don’t, because I have cause for celebration.

Cause for Celebration: Ya’ll, I am so excited I am about to ink a deal with a design firm to redo our house.

OHMYGOD, I am totally kidding. I don’t even know why I made that joke, except that it would seriously be the end of the world if there was a design company that wanted to partner with me.  My idea of design is to buy curtains at IKEA, leave them in the car for four months and every so often gripe at my husband for not hanging the curtain. I call it “Designing For Spouses.”

Seriously, though, I know I wrote this post mentioning (to the ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD) that my internist found a lump in my breast.  Yesterday, I had an extensive visit with the breast clinic here in Chicago and am pleased to report a completely clean bill of health.  Actually, they couldn’t find the lump at all, which is a good thing. I am very grateful.

Cajuns: I have Cajun forebears and one of them passed on a recipe that is the greatest cookie recipe ever because (1) it’s only three ingredients and (2) it tastes like heaven on a plate (or straight out of the pan if I was honest).

photo (118)

For the cookie recipe from my Grandmother Lucille, please see this guest post over at Whisks and Words, the faboosh site run by Dana Staves, who can cook up a storm and write like an angel. Incidentally, Dana was the very first person to ever ask me advice about blogging.  In spite of her questionable judgment on who to ask for advice, her site is flourishing.  She’s got big changes coming in her life, so I can’t wait to see it chronicled in her blog.

This is the only recipe I know so this will be the last time we do this.  Enjoy!


46 thoughts on “Cookies, Cajuns and Cause for Celebration

  1. Yes!!! I am so happy for you. I have been thinking about you these past couple of days and wondering when your appointment was. I love your idea of decorating, I’m pretty much the same way. My husband is the one with all the decorating prowess. And seriously yum on those cookies. I might just make them myself. I’m wild for awesome desert recipes with just three ingredients.

  2. You are my hero, my idol, and my muse all wrapped into one Ms.Tate. But besides all my love for you, my little one won’t nap either. WTF? Please tell me it is some phase, something lunar or something about their impending 2nd birthdays but PLEASE PLEASE make it stop.

      • Yea!!!! I know it’s a huge relief!

        I miss napping in the car. The kids, not me. That would be dangerous….ANYWAY, yeah, it was a pain dragging them in and out of stores while they were asleep, but how many freaking times can I play “I Spy With My Little Eye” in the same van?!?!?! There is only so much to “spy” in my van and the kids just flat out cheat when they spy something outside the car. There is no way they saw that house two miles ago!

      • Car naps do have a certain charm, but my kids always fall asleep 1/2 block from our destination so then I am sitting in the garage waiting to see what will happen.

  3. Best. News. Ever.


    And my twinkies are upstairs playing instead of napping. I think it’s the blizzardy winds and the fact that my older kids are coming in and out of the house and slamming the effing door.

    But best. News. Ever.

  4. Hooray for healthy boobs!! I honestly don’t see how those three ingredients will make cookies (or brownies–I’m not one of those people)…but I have faith that grandmas never steer us wrong with food. I think even I can make these…which is a pretty big because I’m not a good baker. That pan looks so good, I’ve got to try. –Lisa

  5. I’m in celebration mood for you. It’s 2 in the afternoon. I’m in Las Vegas visiting family and friends, and we’ve already started on the champagne. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I tip a glass to you, for your good news, but that’s as much as I’m sayin’. Whatever else happens – my lips are sealed.

  6. What a relief! So happy you received this good news before Christmas. The waiting is the worst part. The silver lining it’s that you had a reason to share your grandmother’s recipe.

  7. Great news!
    This recipe looks tasty but deadly for me. It reminds me of whack squares which are more complicated. This is a clever stripped down version — similar taste but less work. Brilliant grandma!

  8. Thanks so much for guest posting for me! Your recipe/post was the one most visited during the 12 Days, which I believe is testament to the amazing job you’re doing as a writer. Hats off to you, and three cheers for that clean bill of health and a sigh of relief. Thanks for the kind words – you rock, lady!!!

  9. First of all, your grandmother is my kind of woman. The first batch I made was a huge hit at Christmas. My second batch is in the oven now. Yes, 27 minutes is perfect. I doubted it at first, but you should never doubt a grandmother. This batch I also cheated and purchased Graham Cracker Crumbs. Although there was .9 oz less with the crumbs, it was cheaper than a box of GC and I figure that I lost the .9 oz in all the crushing anyway. Thanks so much! This will be a staple around here.

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