5 Signs You Were Destined To Be A Writer

Searching through your history to find your destiny?  Welcome to my world and my soul search, which is like the 1980s show Star Search, but with less Ed McMahon and Sinbad.  Throughout my journey I learned many things, but today I am sharing with you the five signs that you, wonderful YOU, were destined to be a writer all along.


Plumb your history and rake through the memories. Do you recognize yourself in the following 5 signs?

  1. Wrote First Novel Before Puberty: Did you pen a memoir before you hit double digits? Did you turn your missing LeSportSac wallet into a mystery with a beginning, middle and end?  If so, you can call that a book and go to the front of the class.
  2. What’s Writer’s Block?:  Is this how you feel when you hear others toiling in the morass of writer’s block?  You’re all “what are they talking about? Just sit down and write, or stand up like Hemingway.  Whatevs.  What the hell is writer’s block?” You, fabulous-author-to-be you, have never had a moment when the pen failed to glide across the page or when you failed to find the perfect words for the scene in your head.
  3. Got A Literary Agent Before You Wrote A Book:  Is this you?  You lucky Puggle!  You are that one in a million writer who started a blog, got Freshly Pressed on your first post and then BOOM! You got an agent that night, all because of your witty and fresh take on poopy diapers.  Go get your destiny, friend.
  4. You’ve Been Calling It A Craft Since Before Your Prefrontal Cortex Was Fully Formed:  Yep, if you were “working on your craft” in high school or middle school, you can bet writing was your destiny.  Bonus points if you cultivated deep angst and wore black turtle necks (but minus 2 if they were mock turtle necks, because those look stupid, even on writers).
  5. No Doubts: You’ve never had a second of doubt where your belly burned as you wondered, “what the hell is the point of being a writer?” Real writers don’t have that doubt in their guts; they are busy writing and creating and furthering the craft.  Doubt is for chumps who aren’t “real writers”.

Unfortunately, none of these apply to me, except I had a mock turtle neck in 10th grade.  But, I am still claiming my writer’s roots.  I’m over at Erin Margolin’s today (here) discussing the topic of writers roots.  Step on over and check out her wonderful site.

In the meantime, do you claim writer roots? How about mock turtle necks?


27 thoughts on “5 Signs You Were Destined To Be A Writer

  1. Except for number 4 (which does apply, I was writing angsty poems and short stories in Junior High and even got published a couple of times…not to brag…ok, totally to brag 🙂 ), none of those apply to me either. Then again, I’m not a “real” writer, I just freelance occasionally during slow periods at my “real” job.

  2. i’m afraid I am a hack then. Except, of course, the mock turtleneck but that was the ’80s and we all made bad choices then….I’d love to say more here but I have writer’s block.

  3. I used to love mock turtle necks, but that was back when I was totally cool. . . now I’m just kinda cool so I only wear them sometimes. . .

    heading over to Erin’s to read your post. . .(while I work of course)

  4. Yes, mock turtlenecks. And occasional real ones too.

    Actually, I totally wrote chapter books when I was a pre-teen. (I was in Homeschooling, so there you go.) I’m pretty sure they were the worst cliches ever, but I’m afraid to read them in case I die of cheesiness.

  5. Yep, none of those apply to me either. LOVE your post over at Erin’s site. I was a voracious reader too from the time I was about 6, and I think all those books were what planted the seeds of my love of writing. Soul sisters for sure.

  6. LOL! Awesome. And biting! I suggest bonus #6: You constantly talk about writing your novel / screen play / poetry collection to anyone who will listen. Because telling people you are writing is basically the same as knuckling under and doing it.

  7. The only one I can claim is that I wrote and illustrated a book at five years old called The Giant Strawberry, and it was brilliant. I don’t know how I still don’t have an agent because of that beauty.

  8. I had a closet full of mock turtlenecks back in the 80’s (art school, you know) and frankly, I can’t wait for them to come back in style – just without the big hair. Not sure what that says about me as a writer though.

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