The Perks of Sharing A (Home) Office With Your Spouse

This post is dedicated to Ms. Marissa Meyer of Yahoo!-get-your-ass-in-the-office fame.

In my new job I work from home half a day a week. It’s not an arrangement that appealed to me before I had children. But now it’s muy excelente because I can save the commuting time to teach my children their Ps&Qs and pin recipes I won’t cook for my family on Pinterest.

But I couldn’t work from home until I created an office space.  The finished product:

My nook

My nook

So far this post is boring my ass to death. Let’s get the turmeric and spice it up!

Like this: Two days a month I share the room with the nook with my husband.  (He declined to pose for pictures with his half of the office.)

Take a moment to think about that.  Are you shuddering from the prospect of being trapped working next to your spouse for an extended period of time?  At Chez Outlaw we’ve been at it a month, and we are both still alive.

Here’s why I recommend sharing an office with your spouse:

  • You may stay more on task.  Think about it: do you want to on-line shop for orange ballet flats next to your husband who has an annoying habit of doing his actual work all the damn time?
  • You may lose weight.  Here’s how this works: When sitting alone in my office, I get hungrier (because I charmingly confuse hunger and loneliness).  When I am working next to Jeff, I don’t feel as lonely, which translates to less snacking. CHA-CHING– loose jeans.
  • You can steal his snacks.  This contradicts what I just said, but a little perky-perk I just availed myself of is Jeff’s snack stash.  As I was polishing off a Clif Bar (chocolate brownie flavor), I couldn’t help but say a gratitude as I took the last one and left the empty box in his desk drawer.
  • There could be TWO people laughing at your jokes all day.  My other work days are isolated and there are no colleagues around to laugh uproariously and prop up my self-esteem.  But on my Jeff-nook days?  He laughs (or he says, “why is that funny?”), but still. It’s company. Why should your wit go to waste?
  • You could make him do the stuff you hate to do (like spelling).  I needed to check the spelling of a famous person’s name, but instead of trudging my mouse over to or Google, I just asked Jeff. (He’s a very good speller.)  He hooked me up.  In no time at all, I am going to use my feminine wiles to get him to do all of my work for me.  Except, that might require me to take a shower and brush my hair first, so maybe I’ll just do my own work.

So, while it’s only been a total of 12 hours in which Jeff and I have had to work in the same space, it’s going well.  I’m sure he would say the same thing on his blog….if he wasn’t so busy doing his real job.


22 thoughts on “The Perks of Sharing A (Home) Office With Your Spouse

  1. I immediately close my browser the minute I even smell my hubs approach (not that he smells). For shame, you leave an empty box 😉 And femine wiles take effort, if you can spare it that’s great but … AND your wit is always appreciated here. Maybe I’ve been married too long but I be in a state of constant annoyance if we had a work nook. Happy to put him on the train with a “see ya”!

  2. So funny! Just think if I were to share an office with Frank how neat it would be. Of course, he’d be the one stealing all my snacks, because, lets face it, few people come as prepared with snacks as I do.

  3. My only-child husband can barely share the house with the rest of us. A shared nook would surely result in him moving into a bathroom for the day.

  4. I’m working across from Mike right now and so far (30 minutes) it’s been bliss, bliss I tell you! I think you’re on to something here. Wait … Mike is on the phone right this second and he’s f-ing loud! Not cool! We need some Cider House Rules here. I was considering taking a shower and washing Ava’s throw up residue from my hair, but now this? He’s blown it. Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow. Great post as always! xo

  5. This sounds like a good, fun arrangement! Just short, periods of time together and the company and snacks are very nice. I always liked working from home but couldn’t do it in the same room as my husband. I love him dearly but he’s like the kid in the back of class that keeps throwing pencils to get your attention and then tells dirty jokes and show you the picture he just drew to make fun of the teacher – lol! Anyway, good luck with your arrangement, I love the work nook you created for yourself 🙂

  6. I can neither confirm nor deny that there is no one better at snagging snacks from drawers than myself. You’d open up your stash and be pleasantly surprised to find I am helping you drop a few more because those left over crumbs and the note next to them are calorie free. 😉

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