Can We PLEASE Stop With the Sarcastic References to “Mom Of The Year”?

Have you ever referred to yourself as “Mom of the Year” after yelling at your kid or nuking processed chicken products for the wee ones to eat for dinner? I have. I have heard my friends and fellow mothers do this.

Pssst. This doesn't exist.

Pssst. This doesn’t exist.
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And, since it’s Friday and I am on the back end of a bout with the stomach flu (which means my jeans will be loose for only about 6 more hours), I am issuing a plea.  To all moms: Please stop using this Mom of the Year BS to beat yourself up.  Dads aren’t doing this so why are we?

For a more impassioned plea (written when my jeans were not loose) see my post here at Mom.Me.

What do you think? Have you said this about yourself?


17 thoughts on “Can We PLEASE Stop With the Sarcastic References to “Mom Of The Year”?

  1. What if you say it with both a mix of sarcasm AND pride? Like the time I got tired of fighting with my 3 year old about wearing a coat…in December…in Oregon. So I told him if he threw another fit about it, he was going to leave it on for 24 hours. It turned out that it only took my safety pinning it on him (not through the skin, please don’t call DHS) during his nap to break the cycle, but every time I tell that story, I end it with, “Yup, Mom of the Year.” Please don’t take that away from me 🙂

  2. I am tired of this shaming of ourselves, too. Like you said, you haven’t heard it said by mothers against each other. Why do it to ourselves? Sometimes I think it’s too preempt the shaming we expect from others – but still not okay. And there IS a total gender difference. Plenty of guys manage to be good dads without playing this game – so moms don’t need it either.

  3. This reminds me of an episode of “The Middle” where, after a particularly grueling day, Frankie (the mom) was saying to a very calm Mike relaxing on the couch (the dad), “It must feel really good to get to sit there and not fret and feel guiltly over EVERY LITTLE THING”
    His response? “Yes, it does”

  4. I’ve heard plenty of moms use it against each other. And use Dad of the Year against crappy paternal decisions.

    I get the request to be gentler on ourselves. But can we still snark the crappy parents making worse choices than we do by calling them Parents of the Year? Asking for a friend.

  5. Love this, and the full post at You’re right. Dads don’t do it, and neither should moms. Thanks for the reminder: not perfect, don’t need to be. Hooray! Great post – thank you!

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