Our Big Summer Trip . . . To the Front Yard


It’s that time of year. My Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of pictures of other families’ travels.  Just last night, I saw Cayman beaches, the Grand Canyon and some quaint little lake up in Michigan as I scrolled through while laying in my bed in my own room in boring old Chicago.

And to all of you with the money, energy, and cajones to travel, I say “Bon Voyage, brave warriors.”  La Familia de Outlaw Mama is parking it right here this summer.  There will be no long car rides, no bucolic country sides and no jet travel.  Why?  Because it’s my idea of living hell to travel with small children.  Especially Even those precious small children I would lay down my life for.

So this summer my passport is gathering dust and my luggage is staying put.  If you care to read more on the subject of my exciting summer plans, please click yourself through to my latest post on Mom.me.

In the meantime, travel safely, wear your sunscreen, and send me a postcard from your adventures.


33 thoughts on “Our Big Summer Trip . . . To the Front Yard

  1. My idea of excitement would be a family trip to boring old Chicago. Southwest was having a sale so the solo trip I’m taking to Chi-town in October became a family affair. It should be okay though, because Beckett travels pretty well (and by that I mean he sucks at traveling).

    Hold me.

      • When our son was 11 months old we foolishly decided to fly him to my husband’s home state of Florida. I brought self-contained toys galore to keep him occupied on the plane. I could do this! Yeah, right. The flight home was pure hell. Every altitude change was met with his screams, followed by death glares from everyone around me. (Really, my options were severely limited. Want me to take him outside? Oh yeah, can’t.) A few months later we commenced the gauntlet of chronic ear infections that culminated in tubes because there literally were no antibiotics left to try. To this day, he has not been on a plane since. When his younger sister asks why she’s never been on a plane my husband and I just exchange looks of horror.

      • Oh you poor thing and your poor son! I am not sure I could recover from that either. Home is where the heart and peace are!

        On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 12:53 PM, Outlaw Mama

  2. Yes, yes, yes! My Facebook is full of Rosemary Beach or Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, or even worse, Europe with the kids. Our big summer family vacay is to a condo in Galveston. 45 minutes by car is doable for me. And the condo has 2 bedrooms, so that we are not all stuck going to bed at 8pm with the toddler.

  3. You are wise. When they were small we mostly visited our parents who helped make it a vacation for everyone. Even now, it’s only about 2 hours into a vacation when we start the “why do we bother to take you anywhere?” resentment. But…we are trekking 20 hours by land to Yellowstone this summer for a serious family vacation with my parents & my sister’s family. Because I thought this would be a great idea. Man I hope I was right. (Note: we are not camping. That is where my bright idea got a little bit real.)

  4. Smart. I actually kind of love the idea of staying home, and now I may have to go buy a popsicle maker for us to enjoy while we soak up the sun on our deck, mere steps away from the kitchen, bathroom, and all the comforts of home.

  5. I’m with you! I’m putting travel on the back burner for a few years. It’s just so exhausting. Not forever, but a hiatus through the toddler phase – at least – is best.

  6. Exactly. Traveling with little kids is a trip (in multiple senses of the word), but not a vacation.

    We are flying to Denver in a couple months with my 1-year-old and 4-year-old, and I’m already dreading it. Not for “vacation”, but for my grandpa’s memorial, which we said we’d bring the kids to. I just hope the other passengers on the plane aren’t horrible to us.

    • I am at my most empathetic when a struggle family is on a plane. That’s just good karma. My husband and I are both always trying to help the poor mom who’s with her kids or the dad who’s traveling solo. As if anyone wants their kids to freak out….People should be more compassionate.

      On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 11:53 AM, Outlaw Mama

  7. Such a smart move. They’re probably too young to even remember any trip they take right now. And if you’re going to suffer with kids on a trip, you might as well wait until you’re going to get some credit for it.

  8. We are planning an epic road trip – 30 states in 30 days. Did I mention we have four kids? The youngest is 4 and they have grown up traveling a lot, so it should be fine.

  9. Camping is so much better than formal travel. My kids fins other family’s rules, hotel rules, and b-&-b rules hard to follow. Camping is hiking and marshmallows and hiking and sleep. No electricity means the adults sleep 10+ hours a night.

    Cheap, too. Pb&j and eggs.

  10. Yes, yes, yes, We can save time, money and sanity by knowing our limits. Yes. One of our last family vacations was a coast to coast trip to California – by plane – to see the in laws. I still had one child in a stroller. My marriage was crumbling – there was crazy tension with the MIL – all at a price of about 4 grand when you factor in the air and hotel and car rental, etc. It took months for me to not regret having spent that money or the time for that matter on that vacation. Moral to the story: Sometimes it’s better to stay home.

  11. We’ve gone across country the last three years and while I’m really bummed we’re not going to SoCal this year, I am a little relieved that we’re not having an airplane trip. We are going to the beach 3 hours away for 5 days, but that will be manageable with a 6.5 year old. It is a world of difference between 3 and 6. I can’t imagine doing it with two kids. I think, for the most part, kids are happy to have fun and to have loving parents spend time with them, no matter where. Not that you needed my approval 🙂

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