There Will Be No “N” Word In My House. Period.


Holy biscuit batter with bacon bits, y’all, my precious Sadie gave me the scare of my life.  You know, one second you’re watching your kid eat your lip gloss, while she plans her next four birthday parties, and then next second BOOM! she announces she learned a bad word.

At first I was amused. I can’t pretend I was shocked since my own mouth is about as ladylike as a urinal at the end of a three-day music festival.

But then she told me that it started with an “N.”  There’s no room for amusement when that comes up.  I thought, “I’m going to go Tanya Harding on the Paula Dean who taught my kid the ugliest word I know.”

This time we got lucky.  It wasn’t that N-word. 

Wanna know what the word was? Check out my latest at here.


16 thoughts on “There Will Be No “N” Word In My House. Period.

  1. Oh, HAIL no. Thank goodness it wasn’t *that* n-word. I’m pretty tolerant of profanity from my kids, and we teach that there are words we use in our house that aren’t okay for school or grandma’s. But never ever that word.

  2. Hot damn . . . what a great teaser!!!! This is great and I laughed out loud when I found out what Sadie’s bad word was. So sweet that little three year old you have. Xoxo

  3. Lol, I love it! And thank goodness it was that other N word. This reminds me of when Shane got in trouble at school for saying the S word. Stupid. Referring to an object, not a person.

  4. I am giggling only because I never refer to Tonya Harding, but find myself ALWAYS referring to Nancy Kerrigan: screaming like Nancy Kerrigan WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Ah, the pop culture shit that sticks with ya.

  5. WHEW! It reminds me of when my daughter (then 4) told me her friend used the “S” word all the time. I was all wide eyed until she told me the word was “stupid”. Whew. –Lisa

  6. My daughter once said she knew the F word. I broke out into a sweat until she said it was fart. Then my very young son the next week said, the real f word in the car. When I asked where he heard it he said the kids at school. Still have a hard time believing a bunch of 3 year olds sit around during circle time and swear.

    • My kids can sense a bad word a mile away. How do they do that? They think the word “dump” as in trash dump is a bad word. They know it bugs me so they say it all the time. Kids are so funny.

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