Yes, I’m Squelching My Kids’ Passion

“Passion is energy.” — Oprah Winfrey

For years I searched for a passion– that singular thing that would compel me to stay up late, eschew nourishment, and deny myself other simple pleasures because I was swept up into the monsoon of passion.  I eventually found my way to my passion, but I was a good three decades into life.

My kids, however, they’ve stumbled upon a passion very young.  A deep and abiding fire burns inside both of them, and in pursuit of that passion, they would forsake everything– ice cream, popsicles, trips to the park, a chance to ruin stuff in my purse. 

Their passion? Band-Aids.  While they love the character Band-Aids, they will not reject a plain old brown one.  They are all over my house, my children, and my ass, which was awesome when I found one there (outside of my clothes) after a discussion with my boss.

Such good times. 

I want to foster their passions, but this one needs some squelching.  Maybe it makes me a bad parent but I plan to prune the branches of their passion tree because I can’t take it anymore.

Read more about the Great Band-Aid Epidemic here.


28 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Squelching My Kids’ Passion

  1. My daughter loves the Band-aids too. Any time something is even remotely wrong, she asks for one. Guess it’s a good thing we bought a lifetime supply of them last year when trying to use up our flexible spending money.

  2. Haha my sister had that very same passion when we were little, but her passion only ignited when there were neon band-aids around. We have the most hilarious pictures of her when she was little running around covered in fluorescent band-aids from head to toe. Drove my mom insane.

    • Did she become a doctor? Because that’s a little consolation I whisper to myself sometimes…like “let them explore their passion for human healing; maybe they’ll be doctors.” Ha!

      On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Outlaw Mama

  3. Hi, I just read your article on about your Muslim nanny. I wanted to say how fabulous it is that you even HAVE a person of Islamic faith working for you. I have lived in the middle east now for 12 years – from Iraq to Algeria to Pakistan. I just wanted to say that I worry about my friends every year. When the temps are more than 115 every day, how could you not? But I truly believe their bodies were made for it, and every year they worry more about my husband and me than we worry about them. Mostly because they tell us we are way too white. These people are some of the greatest caregivers in the world, and your children are so lucky that you are an open minded family. I think that the same worry you have during the holy month is the same your nanny has for your children all of the time. These amazing people were made for living without water and caring for others, so trust me when I say you have nothing to worry about. May your family be blessed.

    • Thank you and yes my family is blessed to have our nanny that and she’s done an excellent job caring for them– every single month of the year. I never forget I am blessed.

  4. What’s up with kids and band-aids? Despite having thousands of pages of stickers, my kids stick band-aids on everything and leave the detrius behind as if they have a maid to clean up after them. Wait, maybe a maid is the answer?! I’ve asked other parents about band-aids and we’re not alone. Great post idea, off to read it …

  5. We have that here! I cut myself the other day and my daughter was insanely happy to slap a Rapunzel band-aid over it. It was like she really understood the implications of having a “real” cut and not just being slathered in band-aids for the heck of it. Which is every other day.

  6. Does it make me a bad person that I laughed out loud when I read about your son re-opening an old wound in order to circumvent your “bleeding only” rule? Band-aid obsession may indicate doctor, but ability to find the loophole in the law has me thinking lawyer. Like mama, like son?

  7. I used to love band aids as a child, the Flinstone ones being my favorite. I am still laughing about the band aid on your bum….

  8. So funny. So true. Mine eschew character band-aids now but I doled out about 437 of the really plain cheapest brand I could find variety in a 10-day vacation. I’m in the no blood, no band-aid camp, but I probably could have spared myself many power struggles for $0.15. Or simply charged by the strip…with a small handling fee.

  9. My kids are particularly fond of the character Band Aids. The Dora or the Superhero ones. It’s out of control – and a very expensive habit – especially with those licensing fees to the cartoon networks.

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