Work it, Girl

Because I love you, I collected some of my favorite posts about work I read this week.  These ladies each articulate something hilarious, heartbreaking, and ultimately powerful about work.  I am inspired by their stories as I work my way through my own.  I am also thinking of all the songs I know about work– 9 to 5, Take This Job and Shove It, Woman’s Work (sniff, sniff), I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.  How come songs about work aren’t happier?  Notwithstanding, of course, the dwarves’ classic Whistle While You Work, which I actually do, even though a co-worker somewhat subtly suggested I STOP WHISTLING BECAUSE IT’S ANNOYING.


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What’s your favorite work ditty?  Let’s make a mix.

And don’t forget to read this great posts that examine a slice of working life!

How about a job delivering phone books? Read here.

Ever bribed your kids so you could attend a conference call on a Sunday night?  Read here.

Do you remember the day your career really started?  Read here.


15 thoughts on “Work it, Girl

  1. Seriously? Thank you so, so much for linking to my post here. I needed this in a huge way. It’s one of those weeks where I’m down, totally exhausted and feel like I can’t do anything right. Thanks for the reminder that we are all, in our own ways, just trying to do the best we can.

  2. Ha! When you said “songs about work” I automatically thought of the first three you wrote. I totally forgot about Whistle While You Work. I loved reading these posts — especially Samantha’s since I lived through that time and recall it so clearly. You are really great at sharing! That makes for a happy Friday.

  3. I delivered phone books once to help raise funds for my daughter’s Guide trip to Europe. We couldn’t find all the addresses and eventually realized that was because some of them were phone booths! Thank God nobody was tracking us.

    I can remember once while I was interviewing someone on the phone for an article, my kids started playing Tarzan and jumping off the filing cabinet. I didn’t have a Mute button the phone then, so had to quickly excuse myself for a minute or two while I checked for blood and broken bones.

    And jobs we hate – I have a whole blog on that in my head that I will (hopefully) someday get written and submitted to your Friday series!

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