I Forgot To Name My Babies After My Grandparents– Now What?

Apparently, it’s grandparent week here at Outlaw Mama.  In case you missed yesterday’s riveting portrait of my connection to my grandfather through an almost-shared hernia, click here.  Continuing on that theme, today I am thinking about baby names.  Specifically, I always pictured myself having babies named after my grandparents.  Little Virginia, Lucile, John and Joseph– they were supposed to be in the mix.  Small problem: I am done having babies and neither of the ones I already gave birth to have those names.

Welcome to grandparent week!

Welcome to grandparent week!

I didn’t think I cared.  Then I saw a little girl at the park named Virginia.  That sparked a flame of regret about the baby names that will never be.

And I remember suggesting Virginia as a name for Sadie.  It was in the mix for a while, though we abandoned it around 30 weeks into the pregnancy.  We arrived at the hospital with our two finalists: April and Sadie.

As for Simon, I can’t say that either of my grandfather’s names were really in the running.  He does have my maternal grandparents’ last name as his middle name, but that’s not quite the same.

Since the womb is closed, I have started looking around for things I can name.  Things that are precious enough to name after my grandparents, even though “things” are not flesh and blood.

Here are my contenders for things to name after my grandparents:

  1. Mini Van: My first fancy car was named “Sadie,” so why not name the mini van after one of my favorite forebears?  Our Odyssey is gray, sleek and hearty.  She’s just like my Texan-born grandmother, Virginia.  Also, she get shiz done, just like Virginia.  “Kids, get in the Virginia! We are late for school!”
  2. Our House: Ok, it’s not a ranch or a manse, but it’s a house and I think it deserves a name.  It’s compact, sturdy, and pretty tall.  Just like my paternal grandfather, Joseph Thomas.  If you hear “we are headed back to Joseph Thomas after the game,” just know we are going home.
  3. Kitchen Aid mixer: It’s going to last forever right?  Why not give it a name? It sits on the counter, all shiny and red– it deserves a proper name.  We shall call in John.  It might get a little confusing since some people use “john” to refer other fixtures in the house, but if I tell you that I made pasta dough in the John, just know I’m talking about the one on the counter, not the one in the bathroom. (Plus, the odds of me ever making homemade pasta dough are roughly zero.)
  4. Baby Doll: Do you know my precious baby doll, Blue Baby? Maybe it’s time to give her a name.  Out of respect for all parties, I will not give her the name of the grandmother who tried to murder her in the burning can, but she can have my other grandmother’s name.  Lucile.  Everyone wins.
Never miss a chance to post this little beauty's picture

Never miss a chance to post this little beauty’s picture

Did you give your children (or your household items) your grandparents’ names?  How’d that work out for you?


53 thoughts on “I Forgot To Name My Babies After My Grandparents– Now What?

  1. OMG BLUE BABY MAKES A RETURN APPEARANCE!!! Thank you for officially making my day complete. 🙂 🙂 🙂 My Lovie’s middle name is my Oma’s first name. there was no other way around it; my girl would have my dear Oma’s name. period. 😉

  2. I wanted unique names for my children and the twins have them. Baby C, however, was named after his uncle who passed away before he was born. In an effort to ensure all uncles were included, he has two middle names.

  3. In some circles of Judaism it’s a huge deal to name babies after grandparents (or great-grandparents), so my sisters and I are all named after my parents’ various grandparents, and my sister named my niece after my grandmother and my nephew after my grandfather. Since David and I have babies on the brain these days, we have been testing out combos of grandparent names for future use. So I guess that’s a long way of saying, yes, and I think it works out just fine.

  4. I had only mild regret until my brother had kids (ok, sometimes it was intense even before that, but that’s just who I am. Intense.). I had my second within months of him having his first and we both passed on a certain family name. Then he just recently had his second, and he gave her my great-grandmother’s name. Now my first born is the only one without a family tie in his name. I’m so embarrassed. Is it too late to change my 4.7 year old’s name?

  5. Cool has his grandpa’s middle name as a tribute to him. It’s Admiral! Maybe you cold just call your uterus or vagina Virginia? Virginia the vagina? Hahaha! Crap, can I say these things on your blog?

  6. My middle name is my Grandma’s first name and my first name is her sister’s name. I thought I gave my son a unique name but it turns out a great uncle on his father’s side (but not really as his G-ma was adopted) shares his name and my father’s father (the real man was named on my grandma’s deathbed – Grandpa was a trucker, Grandma love men) has the same last name as my son’s first name.

    Wow. That’s confusing. Short answer: I was named for a grandparent, my son was not, but we learned after he was born that he did indeed share a name.

  7. My Grandmas are Catherine and Kathryn. My older daughter is Katherine so as not to play favorites but still score points. She’s the 26th great-grandchild on one side and I was the first to use the name. We called her Kate originally but she chose to go by Katherine when we shipped her off to pre-k.

    I love Blue Baby. My girls have some crazy doll names like Serena Tuna and Tan Teenager…and about 27 more.

  8. My sister is named after my grandmother that died before we were born. When we went to the cemetary to bury my great aunt and saw the headstone with my sister’s name on it, it was quite traumatizing to all of us. That concluded my desire to name my kids after anyone. Plus their names were Della and Emmit. The other ones we Anne and Alouishus (pronouned Al-o-wish-us). None of these are great names for my two boys.

  9. This cracked me up! I, too, had a grandmother named Lucille. Agnes, Elwin, & Walter were my other grandparents. Never named anything after them. But I did name my younger daughter after my mama. 🙂

  10. When we were picking out names we pretty much only had two rules: 1)The names of ex’s couldn’t be used, and 2) no naming after relatives still alive. That way, nobody gets their feelings hurt. So we gave our son my maiden name for his middle name because my parents had only girls, and my daughter’s middle name comes from my great-great-aunt who was a real independently-minded spitfire. Some days I regret her middle name because she is a lot like my great-great-aunt.

  11. No grandparent names as middle names for your children? Sorry, I’m full-on Yank and not from Texas, so if there’s some Southern convention of first and middle names connected together that I’m vaguely familiar with, I have little idea.

    Blue Baby looks pretty punk rock– isn’t that a mohawk there? Your mini van, though– it’d become “Mini Ginny”, I bet. That works.

  12. Husbot and I used our maternal grandparents’ names as middle names for the weebots. The whole family agreed that my beloved genius paternal grandpa’s name just would fly. Not that there is anything wrong with “Elmer.” It will be my next cat.

  13. when you get mad at them call them by your grandparents names, virginia lucile, i see you! john joseph, i’m not kidding. at first, they’ll be like, whaaa? okay, so you’re like, whaaaa? right now too. but i’m going with it.

  14. My sister is named after both maternal grandmothers Theresa Hilda (okay, image toting THAT around as a child). I am named after an old girlfriend of my dads, according to my mother, in reality, my maternal grandmother liked the name. When my father dies, there are no males to carry on my fathers name, so I gave my oldest son my fathers last name, I never married his JACKASS dad. Thank you Dad for saying NO!!

  15. I really like the idea of the mixer! Knowing that their would only be one, we didn’t go with a family name because somebody would have been mad or jealous.
    Now that I writing a fictional story, I love using family names.

  16. My dad died suddenly in 2008. In 2012 when we learned Kate was going to be a girl I cried in the doctors office b/c I so wanted a boy to name him after my Dad (Anthony). Alas, we decide to make Kate’s middle name my maiden name (Frate) so my Dad was still part of the picture. Kate Frate does rhyme but its a good rhyme! Oh, and I could never imagine having a boy now- things work out the way they are meant to 😉

  17. I love how funny you are. I don’t even have a kitchen aid mixer. We gave our kids Irish names. My older son’s middle name is after his grandfather (James) but my younger son is all unique.

  18. Hi – I just toddled over from the wonder of the Momoir Project. Lovely to meet you. Have to say the doll pic gave me the heebeejeebees. Love my kitchenaid mixer – biscotti would not exist in this house without it. While I don’t have a name for it other than “the mixy thing that lives in the linen cupboard” perhaps I should consider a name. Off to ponder.

  19. I am forever grateful that my mother won the discussion with my grandmother and did not name me Sylvia after my Mom’s sister who died as an infant. I do not feel like a Sylvia in any way whatsoever.

    • At one point I was going to be Anne, and I can’t picture that at all. My parents weren’t big on naming us after someone else.

      On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 11:42 AM, Outlaw Mama

    • If I was a boy I was going to be named Christopher Robert, which I thought was entirely too close to Christopher Robin, but my mom had been a teacher so apparently the list of acceptable names was limited. I do not feel like a Christopher Robert, either.

      • Someone reminded me yesterday that I wanted to name my daughter “Smile” so I think I have zero room to criticize anyone for their name choices. That would have been cute, right?

        On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 12:28 PM, Outlaw Mama

      • Blame it on pregnancy hormones.

        In junior high school I thought the name Sebastian would be great. Of course, it had NOTHING to do with Sebastian Bach of Skid Row being totally hot. My husband wanted to name our son Thor (he claims now he was joking), so I’m not throwing any stones from over here.

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