Do You Want To Raise A Resilient Kid?

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I want my kids to be resilient.  I want them to bounce back after losing a competitive round of Candy Land or roll with the disappointment when their favorite popsicle flavor is not available.  When I think of all the things that they will face in their lives– acne, spelling bees, heartache, identity theft– it seems like best thing I could give them is the tools to face the great ups and downs that are inevitably coming.

But how? How do you teach your kids to dig deep and dust themselves off?  Certainly I hope I model that, but I’m still looking for other ways to reinforce to them that in the face of disappointment, the best course is to face it head-on and then keep going.

Recently, Sadie surprised me by showing me that resilience doesn’t always look like redoubling your efforts at the same task.  Sometimes, getting on with it, looks like changing course and following the bliss of another path.


Click here for my new post on Mom.Me about how Sadie abandoned jump ropes for soccer balls and taught me something I needed to know.


9 thoughts on “Do You Want To Raise A Resilient Kid?

  1. nice. We never made our kids stick to any of the extracurricular stuff if they didn’t want to. Drove the providers of those things nuts, the gym and dance schools, Girl Guides, but so be it. They have really stuck with school – on their own, no pushing from us – and that’s the main thing, at least so far. Resilience, I really don’t know yet. We’ll see, I guess.

  2. I have missed you! Heading over to the post on now : ) It’s funny you’re writing about resilience – I just wrote about wanting Anna to learn how to not take “no” for an answer yesterday. Parenthood is no joke, eh?

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