Lessons From My Job Search: People Are Generous and Helpful

Outlaw Mama readers have come to expect a certain level of snark and wise-cracking when they visit these pages. For those readers, I apologize for what follows. I’m about to out-Oprah Oprah. I’m so flush with the spirit of human kindness that I’m glowing. And it’s all because of my growing understanding of how excellent people are.


Actual post-it note on my computer becuse POSITIVE

Actual post-it note on my computer because POSITIVE



I know this because of my current job search. My existing job ends in February, so I’ve been thinking about my next steps. Thinking out loud, actually, and people are hearing me and helping me. There’s not a single person who has refused to meet with me or failed to put me in touch with someone they know who is doing what I’d like to do.


Say it with me now: People are AMAZING.


I’m not just talking about people who know me and love me, though those people have been stellar supporters of this process. I’m talking also about virtual strangers. The friends of friends who’ve never laid eyes on me and who don’t yet know what a vivid conversationalist I am—those people have met me for coffee at 8:00 AM to tell me about their jobs.   I’m talking about people who pulled all-nighters getting ready for an expert deposition and still met me for lunch the next day.

Who are these big-hearted people and how did I get so lucky?


Ya’ll, I’m humbled. I’m amazed. This experience has increased my joy by at least 12%.   Now, I’m having so much fun looking for my next job that I may be sad when I get it.


These people are shining the light on the big, wide world. I like what I see.


At first, it was mostly other working mothers who were reaching out to me and for me. It gave me chills to feel so looked after and to know that all of them had my back. I tried not to embarrass them on applications and in interviews. None of my prospective employers need to know that my hobby is Willie Nelson. It sends the wrong message.


But as the process expanded, it wasn’t just working moms. It was all kinds of women– stay-home moms, single moms, grandmas. At some point, I realized, ohmyGod, men were helping me too.


I’m oozing gratitude right now. If a mosquito bit me, it would fly back home and write a gratitude list. I can hardly remember grumpy, cynical me. Where’d she go?


And to think: when a position I really wanted didn’t pan out, I was super bummed. Everyone told me that something better would come along. They were right—I know it’s true and I don’t even have my next position yet. See, had I gotten that job, I would never have learned how generous and abundant the universe is or how many people would freely give their time to help me realize my dreams.  That’s as valuable as any job I could ever get.










10 thoughts on “Lessons From My Job Search: People Are Generous and Helpful

    • Gotta mix it up now and again. I’ve never felt so blessed. Funny too because I used to just wish my job didn’t have the built-in deadline, now it’s transformed my life.

      On Sat, Aug 9, 2014 at 8:06 AM, Outlaw Mama wrote:


  1. 1. People are awesome and they even make up for the unawsome ones who steal your tortillas and peanut butter from your work fridge.

    2. If you type in ‘willie Nelson’ in your indeed.com job search, you get many different listings. On some, you must pay taxes.

  2. I’m finding this is true, too. People have gone above and beyond to help me in my job search, and it’s been so gratifying/humbling. Love that you’re experiencing it too!

  3. My daughter is in this position right now. She has her PhD from a very famous University. She started to work at a famous hospital. Fine but if meant riding the train for four hours a day. So after 6 months she left her job to look for something better. She has gotten lots of interviews. but no job. I worked at 4 different jobs during forty years. I never missed a day between jobs.

    I suffer so much to see her this way. If there was anyone that loves to work, it’s her. She spent a hour in the laboratory after graduation. No one else was working. My wife and I accompanied her.

    • She sounds amazing. You must be so proud. She’s lucky to have your support. I know she’ll find her way and it will be do sweet when she does. For you and her.


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