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Where Can You Find Me?

Hi Friends of Outlaw Mama,

I’ve been a little quiet here for a few years.  Mostly that’s because I started writing a novel.  It was terrible.  A guy in my group therapy told me it was “unreadable.”  He was right, though I’m still not speaking to him because ohmygod, what a dick.

But I wrote another novel, and that one was better, but it needed so much editing that I got scared and put it away.  Also, I learned that I don’t know how to write fiction and prefer memoir.

You know where this is going, right?  Yep, I wrote third book.  This time a memoir about how group therapy straightened out my love life….after a mere 800 sessions.   I hope there comes a day in the near future when you can find it at Costco or any other fine place you buy books (independent and woman-owned preferably) and that you buy a bunch of copies and then rate it (highly) on GoodReads and Amazon.  I hope you’ll Tweet at me and challenge me and tell me what you liked and what totally didn’t work.  Unless you’re one of my ex-boyfriends, then I hope you never see my memoir so you won’t sue me for talking about how small your you-know-what(FN 1) is.

But I’m still writing.  Please come see me here— it’s my new writer website.

Thank you for giving me some of my best writing memories to date.

FN 1: For one guy it was his bank account, for one it was his general fund of knowledge, and for one it was his sexual appetite.


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