My Parenting Philosophy

Enjoy your children.


22 thoughts on “My Parenting Philosophy

  1. Did your kids say, “Mah-mah stoppp squishin us”? I mean, that’s a mighty bear hug there!

    I hope your kids are more gentle than mine. My son seems to need roughhousing. My daughter is gentle now, but when she was about his age… roughhousing.

      • Totally understood! Some of it with my son is the autism– he headbutts and jumps on me when he wants attention, and we are trying to teach him better. If I’m lying down (often because I’m in pain) and talking on the phone, I’ll say “Oof. Oof oof!” and the person on the other end will say, “Are you okay?” and I’ll answer with something like, “It’s okay, my son is just body-slamming me.”

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