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Can We Get Real About Mother’s Day?

I don’t mean to go all Joan Rivers here, but let’s get one thing straight:

Mother’s Day is confusing, commercial and is a gigantic set up for my mommy’s-not-happy face.  My angst stems from the fact that I can’t tell if I am supposed to be actually mothering or if I should be taking a break and “getting away from it all.”


This isn’t a complaint about my husband either, because he’s willing to celebrate any way I want to.  The real problem is that I don’t know how want to or if I want to join in on Sunday’s festivities.

When asked about my idea vision for the day, here’s the first off-the-cuff answer I gave:

  • Let’s do the breast cancer 5K in the park as a family (start time: 8AM)
  • Grab some breakfast somewhere (as if that’s easy)
  • Naps for everyone (as if my 3.5-year old would tolerate that for a hot second)
  • Mommy gets some alone time to write (read: watch improbable animal videos on the web)
  • Delicious dinner as a family
  • Mad Men viewing

My second answer:

  • You all leave me alone all damn day

I’m not sure how it’s going to go this Sunday.  Hopefully, there will be a mix of mothering and getting a break from mothering, even if it’s just extra long trips to the loo.

For a further analysis of why I hate Mother’s Day, click yourself over to my post at Mom.Me and check out my new post.

What are you doing this Sunday?