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Mother Enough? Hell To The Yes.

I don’t dislike Mother’s Day, but I do hate feeling dependent on others to make me feel special or worthy.

You know what I say about waiting around?

F that.

So I have a tribute to one of my favorite moms. That mom is me. What could possibly be better modeling for my kids than believing I am enough. And you know what? I do believe it.

I nurture enough.
I discipline enough.
I breastfeed enough.
I am human enough.

I play enough.
I work enough.
I dream enough.
I sing enough.
I check my email enough.

I laugh enough.
I am spiritual enough.
I exercise enough.
I cook enough.
I love enough.

Regardless of the media’s distortion of all things mothering, I am enough.

The most empowered action I could ever take is to state simply, “I am enough.”

The best way to dispel the mommy war myth and to avoid conscription to the battlefield is to simply believe way down in my bones that I am enough.

Take me to brunch, buy me that cute woven belt from Sundance, or just let me sleep in. Whatever.

I am the present this Mother’s Day.

So go ahead and ask me if I am Mother enough. My answer: Hell to the yes.


North Korea Tensions Escalate Along With “Women’s” Issues

Cat Fight

Cats Fighting (photo courtesy of Seligor's Castle (zoomshare)

At the gym today, I turned the TV stationed in front of my treadmill to CNN.  I forgot my earphones so I was struggling to run a few miles without the ameliorative effect of great tunes.

I stared at the screen and willed the miles to fly by so I could go take a shower. The headline at the top of the screen warned of a North Korean rocket launch. The talking head, a revered law professor, talked to viewers while ominous pictures of rockets and maps of Asia flashed on the screen.

Damn. I wished I had my earphones.

The crawl at the bottom of the screen told a different story. Apparently, democratic strategist Hilary Rosen commented that Mrs. Mitt Romney had never worked a day in her life. Understandably, Mrs. Romney fired back that raising five kids was hard work, emphasizing that she had indeed known struggle (even if not economically).  CNN was good enough to share with its viewers the pertinent tweet (aren’t they all?) from Michelle Obama– something to the effect that “all moms work hard.” The culmination of the crawl summarized the controversy with a pithy statement about how “women’s issues” were heating up on the campaign trail.

I for one am dreading hearing all about these issues that are supposed to be so relevant to me as a woman.  I hate the platitudes about how being a mom is the hardest job in the world, which is the sentiment that Mr. Obama shared with the world after Ms. Rosen’s gaffe.  It feels patronizing to have the President of the Free Damn World say that.  Is it hard? Sure.  It’s also hard to be a special education teacher in an under-funded school or to be a first-year associate at a law firm or to have no job at all.  Is it that much harder to be a mom than a dad? I am unconvinced.  Jeff works really effing hard at his capital J O B all day and then dives into parenting with an enthusiastic amount of gusto.  Is he job harder than mine? Why do I need the Obamas to come to my rescue and convince the world I have a really hard job?

I hate that.

You know what I care about AS A WOMAN? I care about whether North Korea launches a fucking missile. I care about whether the European debt crisis will crush our supposedly recovering economy. I care about what the Supreme Court is going to do with healthcare. I care about whether the housing market will rebound sufficiently for me to someday get a new house to put all those fucking projects I pinned to my Pinterest wall.  Those are my “women’s” issues. I don’t care if Obama thinks I have a hard job. I want him to concentrate on his own.  Frankly, I think it’s weird that Michelle Obama tweets, but then again, I have a somewhat irrational and rabid fear of Twitter.  I don’t care if Mrs. Romney thinks she worked hard or actually worked hard or had 7 nannies. I pretty much know all I need to know about her judgment when I think about her marriage.

Please, for the love of all the delicious recipes on Pinterest, stop dramatizing these alleged cat fights and relegating so-called “women’s issues” to the crawl screen.