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Our Big Summer Trip . . . To the Front Yard


It’s that time of year. My Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of pictures of other families’ travels.  Just last night, I saw Cayman beaches, the Grand Canyon and some quaint little lake up in Michigan as I scrolled through while laying in my bed in my own room in boring old Chicago.

And to all of you with the money, energy, and cajones to travel, I say “Bon Voyage, brave warriors.”  La Familia de Outlaw Mama is parking it right here this summer.  There will be no long car rides, no bucolic country sides and no jet travel.  Why?  Because it’s my idea of living hell to travel with small children.  Especially Even those precious small children I would lay down my life for.

So this summer my passport is gathering dust and my luggage is staying put.  If you care to read more on the subject of my exciting summer plans, please click yourself through to my latest post on Mom.me.

In the meantime, travel safely, wear your sunscreen, and send me a postcard from your adventures.