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Mother Enough? Hell To The Yes.

I don’t dislike Mother’s Day, but I do hate feeling dependent on others to make me feel special or worthy.

You know what I say about waiting around?

F that.

So I have a tribute to one of my favorite moms. That mom is me. What could possibly be better modeling for my kids than believing I am enough. And you know what? I do believe it.

I nurture enough.
I discipline enough.
I breastfeed enough.
I am human enough.

I play enough.
I work enough.
I dream enough.
I sing enough.
I check my email enough.

I laugh enough.
I am spiritual enough.
I exercise enough.
I cook enough.
I love enough.

Regardless of the media’s distortion of all things mothering, I am enough.

The most empowered action I could ever take is to state simply, “I am enough.”

The best way to dispel the mommy war myth and to avoid conscription to the battlefield is to simply believe way down in my bones that I am enough.

Take me to brunch, buy me that cute woven belt from Sundance, or just let me sleep in. Whatever.

I am the present this Mother’s Day.

So go ahead and ask me if I am Mother enough. My answer: Hell to the yes.